Kanye West takes ‘swipe’ at Hailey Bieber before hastily deleting post as fans beg ‘what’s the tea?’

Hailey Bieber has come under fire in a recent Kanye West rant, and fans are beyond confused.

Kanye, 46, made a new Instagram before rapidly deleting the social media tirade.

Kanye West wrote another social media rant on Instagram

Kanye West wrote another social media rant on InstagramCredit: Getty

This time, Kanye specifically name-dropped Hailey Bieber

This time, Kanye specifically name-dropped Hailey BieberCredit: Getty
He started by thanking a few people and said: “This number 1 is for you. The people who won’t be manipulated by the system.”

Then, he started attacking groups of people: “And f**k Adidas and everyone who works there or with them.

“Anyone who goes to school with anyone whose parents work at Adidas, just know they tried to destroy me.”

A little further down in the post, he finally brought up Hailey, 27: “And f**k everybody at the fashion houses that sided with Gabby and Hailey Bieber. F**k each and every single one of yall.

“And f**k every Christian that watched me have my kids taken out of my control. That’s how I feel.”

Finally, Ye called out the rapper Drake before promising to post more “f**k yous” if he could think of any.

On a Hailey Bieber Reddit forum, even the snarkiest of fans had a hard time understanding why Kanye called her out.

One said: “Bruh everyone is collectively dragging this woman now. If Ye ever named dropped me I’d die.

“But we know they have beef because didn’t Hailey say something when Ye was being anti-Semitic a couple of years ago and then he called her Hailey Baldloose… ?”

“Point being YE is the founder of the name baldloose. He also outed her nose job and that she’s not a real model just a nepo who gets jobs because of the circle she’s in not her actually being worthy,” wrote another.

A third added: “Kanye blames Hailey (a woman) for Justin’s behavior towards him.

“I don’t like Hailey but God Kanye is so sexist and wrong,” referring to Hailey’s husband Justin Bieber.

An additional fan stated: “Being called out personally and dissed by the most famously unhinged personality who disses women of a particular religion… I’ll snark but tbh, by reverse Uno card this is good for her.”

Actor Stephen Baldwin, Hailey’s father, clapped back at Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars diss aimed at his daughter.

In an Instagram Story, Stephen, 57, seemingly roasted the late-night talk show host.

“Hollywood is the matrix,” Stephen said in the clip. “And its members are her slaves. Hollywood is the matrix.”

Stephen smiled and moved closer to the camera.

“And her members are her slaves. You know how I know?” he asked.

“I’ve been behind enemy lines. And I’ve worked with all those late-night Jimmys.

“And it just blesses my soul to see all these superpowers prancing and dancing for all these late-night Jimmys and then waking up in the morning and saying, ‘Wow, now that’s freedom.'”

Stephen’s odd video came after Jimmy, 56, delivered his harsh opening monologue at the 2024 Oscars.

The Oscars host used his comedic chops to take a jab at nepo babies, including a tailor-made joke using Hailey as the punchline.

“Heavily botoxed, Hailey Bieber smoothie drinking, diabetes prescription abusing, gluten sensitive nepo babies with perpetually shivering chihuahuas…,” Jimmy said.

The Victoria’s Secret model does have a signature smoothie named after her at the upscale grocery store, Erewhon, and her father and uncle are famous.Kanye said 'f**k you' to Hailey and several other groups of people

Kanye said ‘f**k you’ to Hailey and several other groups of peopleCredit: AFPFans online think she got slammed because of her husband Justin BieberFans online think she got slammed because of her husband Justin BieberCredit: GettyHailey has been called out in public several times in the past few days, including at the OscarsHailey has been called out in public several times in the past few days, including at the OscarsCredit: The Mega Agency

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