Kate Winslet Vs. Leonardo DiCaprio: Which ‘Titanic’ Star Is Worth More Now?

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio got their big break together, but are their net worths similar?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet reunite for the film Revolutionary RoadHollywood A-listers Leonardo DiCaprio both rose to fame after starring together in James Cameron’s box office hit Titanic. In the film, the two played fictional star-crossed lovers whose tragic love story continues to haunt many today.

Since then, these stars have gone to have remarkable careers. And in fact, both DiCaprio and Winslet became Oscar winners later on.

Since Titanic, DiCaprio and Winslet have even done another movie together. Over the years, the two actors have also become really good friends (they even attended the Golden Globes together).

And while there has never been any rivalry or animosity between two, fans can’t help but wonder how these stars really stack up against one another. Specifically, which Titanic star has the higher net worth now?

Kate Winslet Has Since Found Success In Both Films And Series

Winslet may have risen to stardom after Titanic but starring in one of the biggest films in Hollywood didn’t necessarily translate to movie offers initially.

At that time, the actress had even secured two of her seven Oscar nominations so far (she previously received an Oscar nod for her supporting role in Sense and Sensibility) but that didn’t matter. Winslet still felt like the outsider.

“I was the overweight girl who would always be at the end of the line. And because my name was a W, sometimes I wouldn’t even get in the door of the audition because they’d run out of time before the Ws,” Winslet revealed during a panel discussion for the Los Angeles Times. “And I was in Titanic. It’s mad.”

It also didn’t help that British media targeted the actress around this time. “The British press were actually quite unkind to me,” she also recalled while on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. “I remember just thinking, ‘OK, well, this is horrible and I hope it passes.’”

Over the years, Winslet starred in critical hits such as Iris, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Little Children, Steve Jobs, and The Reader, which won the actress her first Oscar.

At the same time, she also famously starred in The Holiday, Steven Soderbergh’s cult hit, Contagion, and the Divergent movies. In addition, Winslet also reunited with DiCaprio for the film Revolutionary Road.

The British actress also later ventured into episodic projects, taking on the lead roles in the mini-series Mildred Pierce and later on, the hit HBO series Mare of Easttown, which won Winslet her first Emmy.

In the end, all this hard work resulted in a $65 million net worth for the actress.

Leonardo DiCaprio Became A Successful Actor And Filmmaker

For DiCaprio, Titanic was the film that certainly propelled him to stardom. Like Winslet, he may have already gotten one Oscar nod (for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?) prior to doing the movie but this blockbuster was the one that truly put him on the map.

And with the intense spotlight on the actor after Titanic came out, DiCaprio decided to step back for a bit. “It was a very surreal period. It was bizarre,” the actor told Time Out. “I took a break for a couple of years because it was so intense. I needed to recharge and refocus.”

Once DiCaprio returned, however, he made it clear that he meant business. For starters, DiCaprio founded film and television production company, Appian Way Productions. His first-ever project as a producer was quite ambitious, The Aviator.

The actor also decided to tap the legendary Martin Scorsese to helm the project. Looking back, DiCaprio admitted it was a bold move.

Did Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio fall in love while filming Titanic?  - Quora

“Being able to say, wait, this is something I believe in, and then going to ask a director of Scorsese’s caliber?” he told Deadline. “That was not only nerve wracking, it brought a whole different sense of responsibility.”

As it turns out, The Aviator would mark the start of DiCaprio’s constant collaboration with Scorsese. Over the years, they would collaborate on films such as The Departed, Shutter Island, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

DiCaprio would also star in other critical hits like Blood Diamond, Inception, J. Edgar, Django Unchained, The Great Gatsby, The Revenant and more recently, Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood with fellow Oscar winner, Brad Pitt.

Throughout his career, DiCaprio continued to pursue both major acting and producing projects. And in the end, this move paid off handsomely for the A-lister. In fact, it is now estimated that DiCaprio is worth anywhere from $260 to $300 million.

Based on the most recent estimates, it seems DiCaprio easily edges out his former co-star when it comes to wealth. That may well be because Winslet has only started producing in recent years (she first served as an executive producer on Mare of Easttown).

That said, the actress looks to be pursuing more work behind the scenes (she is also serving as a producer on two films she’s set to star in) although it’s unclear if she will finally launch her own production company.

Perhaps DiCaprio can convince her to set up shop?

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