‘Law and Order: SVU’ Fans Are Ecstatic Over Mariska Hargitay’s Incredible Show News

Mariska Hargitay has major news to reveal to her fans, and they’re going to love what she has to say.

As the actress continues to portray Captain Olivia Benson in Law and Order: SVU season 25, fans seemingly can’t get enough of the character or the NBC drama as a whole. And thanks to the show’s continued success, viewers were given quite exciting news about the show’s future.

According to an announcement from NBC Insider, the series was renewed and will return in the fall for NBC’s 2024-2025 season. As NBC notes, the record-breaking SVU season 26 will keep Mariska and Ice-T (Fin Tutuola) as the longest-running female and male actors in television history.

What’s more, the show isn’t the only one in the Law and Order franchise to score a renewal. The original iteration (which debuted in 1990 and returned to TV in February 2022) will also be back on the network later this year for season 24.

Shortly after the news broke online, Mariska took to Instagram on March 22 to post a photo of her character citing the exciting reveal. “Season 26 confirmed,” read the text above the Law and Order: SVU logo.

When fans learned Mariska would be back on their screens starring in even more all-new episodes of SVU this fall, they couldn’t contain their excitement.

“Olivia Benson back home for another season? That’s all I wanted to know 🥰,” one person declared in the comments. “Mother Olivia Benson on my screen for another season? WE WIN,” another exclaimed. “Yesssss!!!!👏👏👏,” a different viewer replied.

The official NBC Law and Order Instagram account also saluted Mariska with the comment, “LEGENDARY!! 🫡.”

Fans of the spinoff led by Mariska’s former co-star Christopher MeloniLaw and Order: Organized Crime, are still waiting on news regarding a potential next season.

Either way, we’re ecstatic to have more Captain Benson in our future!

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