Law & Order, SVU, and Organized Crime New Episodes Date and Promos Revealed

Sadly a Law & Order Thursday has passed by without any new episodes from our favorite franchise, but the good news is that new episodes are right around the corner.

What You Should Know About “Law & Order: Organized Crime”

Fans can look forward to new episodes of Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Law & Order: Organized Crime hitting NBC on May 2nd, and new promos have given us our first glimpse at each one. The new episodes are titled Castle in the Sky, Prima Nocta, and Redcoat, and all three will likely have big ramifications as we move towards the season finale for all three shows.

First up is Law & Order’s Castle in the Sky, which centers around a real estate developer who is found dead in his apartment. The promo goes on to reveal that he was shot in his own apartment by a squatter who had started living there, as the squatter thought it was an intruder entering the building and shot the man to protect his daughter. You can watch the full promo right here (via TV Promos).

Up next is SVU’s Prima Nocta, which has weddings at the forefront. Specifically, the episode is based around brides, as the SVU team discovers there’s a serial rapist targeting brides. The SVU team also welcomes back Amanda Rollins into the fold for the case, but it’s not known what leads to her getting involved.

Finally, there’s Organized Crime’s Redcoat, which continues following Stabler’s undercover investigation into The Farm. Stabler’s managed to rise higher in the ranks, but that is all threatened when his recently discovered ally is targeted as a traitor. Things get even worse when the team’s discovery of their top target can’t stop the new shipment from arriving, and it only promises to get more chaotic from there.

Law & Order and SVU were recently renewed for new seasons, and though it hasn’t been confirmed by Dick Wolf as of yet, Organized Crime has reported been renewed as a Peacock exclusive series. Law & Order will be entering its 24th season, while SVU will enter its 26th season. Organized Crime will enter its 5th season. You can find the official desrtipion for Organized Crime below.

“Created by Emmy Award-winning producer Dick Wolf, Law & Order: Organized Crime, now in its fourth season, follows the detectives of the Organized Crime Control Bureau as they work to dismantle New York City’s most vicious and violent illegal enterprises.

Christopher Meloni stars as Det. Elliot Stabler, a role he originated on “Law & Order: SVU.” Danielle Moné Truitt stars as Stabler’s sergeant and task force leader, Ayanna Bell. Her team also includes undercover expert Bobby Reyes (Rick Gonzalez) and tech genius Jet Slootmaekers (Ainsley Seiger). Wolf, John Shiban, Paul Cabbad, Jon Cassar, Arthur Forney, Christopher Meloni, Peter Jankowski executive produce. ”

Are you excited for the new episodes on May 2nd, and which one are you looking forward to most? You can talk all things Law & Order with me on Threads and Twitter @mattaguilarcb!


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