Leonardo DiCaprio, 49, puts on VERY cozy display with co-star Teyana Taylor

Leonardo DiCaprio and Teyana Taylor got pretty close at a pre-Oscar bash.

The 49-year-old actor was seen holding the “Coming 2 America” star, 33, close in a seemingly flirty exchange while attending the WME party hosted at William Randolph Hearst’s former estate in Beverly Hills, Calif., Friday.

One video from that night showed DiCaprio placing his hand on Taylor’s bare lower back as she leaned in to whisper in his ear while on the dance floor.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Teyana Taylor were spotted getting flirty at a pre-Oscars bash Friday.

Several videos showed them sharing a moment on the dance floor of the WME party in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The “Coming 2 America” star was seen leaning into the “Titanic” actor.

DiCaprio placed his hand on Taylor’s back as she whispered in his ear.

In another clip, Taylor smiled as she wrapped her arms around the “Titanic” star’s neck and played with his hair.

Despite the actor facing away from the camera, the “A Thousand and One” star was seen intently gazing into his eyes.

However, an insider told TMZ the duo — who is currently working together in a new unnamed Paul Thomas Anderson movie — isn’t dating and there is nothing romantic between them.

He held her close for several seconds.

The actress was also seen looking into the “Inception” star’s eyes.

She also had her arms around his neck.
The source furthered that DiCaprio is in a relationship with someone else. However, reps for Dicaprio weren’t immediately available to Page Six for comment.

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