Leonardo DiCaprio Suits Up As Spider-Man For James Cameron’s Cancelled Marvel Movie In New Fan Art

As he was set to play Peter Parker decades ago, Leonardo DiCaprio is imagined as the titular hero in James Cameron’s Spider-Man in new fan art.

Leonardo DiCaprio in James Cameron's Titanic with Spider-Man swinging on his right

James Cameron’s canceled Spider-Man movie with Leonardo DiCaprio comes to life through stunning Marvel fan art. Over the last few decades, Spider-Man has continued to be one of the most profitable and beloved heroes in Hollywood when it comes to comic book and superhero adaptations. Several actors have played Spider-Man in live-action, as Peter Parker’s adventures continue to be explored on the big screen.

One major Hollywood star who almost donned the infamous costume is none other than Leonardo DiCaprio, as he was being eyed for Cameron’s canceled Spider-Man movie. To show what he could have looked like as the titular hero, Esh-El shared new Marvel fan art of DiCaprio as the web-slinger. Their Spider-Man artwork not only pictures DiCaprio at a younger age as Spider-Man, but also what he would look like in the iconic black Symbiote costume today. Check out both of their art pieces in the gallery below:A young Leonardo DiCaprio as Spider-Man

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Leonardo DiCaprio points a gun at Matt Damon's head in The Departed

Even though DiCaprio has stated that he isn’t interested in joining the superhero landscape, that could still change. Interestingly enough, DiCaprio could still theoretically be a solid fit as an older Spider-Man, given the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s ongoing Multiverse Saga taking place.

It would genuinely be fascinating to see if Tom Holland’s Spider-Man ever got to encounter another version of himself again, especially after the ending of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Having DiCaprio’s older Spider-Man encounter Holland’s iteration could be the light that the MCU’s Peter needs right now, as he is all by himself after Spider-Man: No Way Home, with the whole world not knowing who Peter is anymore. Meeting an older Spider-Man who has been able to live a normal life while still being a superhero could be a compelling story worth exploring for Holland.

While the chances are slim that DiCaprio will ever do a superhero gig, if it is under the right circumstances, he might agree to do it. It would likely only be for one time, but even that would still be fascinating to see it come to fruition. But until that ever happens, the world can relive all of the Spider-Man movies through Blu-Ray/DVD and on streaming.

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