Leonardo Dicaprio & Vittoria Ceretti Are Seemingly Trying to Be Extra Low-Key After This Rumor Blew Up

Leonardo DiCaprio’s romantic escapades have always drawn a particular kind of attention. Known for his uncanny pattern of dating women under 25 — and parting ways with them as they approach that milestone — DiCaprio seems to be charting a new course in his love life. The latest chapter? His seemingly serious relationship with the Italian model, Vittoria Ceretti.

Sources Clarify Leonardo DiCaprio and Vittoria Ceretti's Relationship  Status Amid Engagement Rumors

The two were spotted on Friday at Giorgio Baldi, an upscale yet cozy Italian eatery nestled in the heart of Santa Monica, California. There were reportedly a host of other stars there, including Robert de Niro and Sofía Vergara. Despite the star-studded ambiance, the couple seemed intent on keeping a low profile. DiCaprio, ever the master of disguise, exited the restaurant donning a mask, his signature baseball cap pulled low over his face, and a hoodie drawn over his head. He slipped into the backseat of their getaway car while Ceretti took the helm, driving them into the night.

But what could prompt such stealth from one of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces already in a sea of the most recognizable faces? The answer might lie in a piece of jewelry that has sparked a wildfire of speculation. A silver ring, conspicuously worn on Ceretti’s left hand, has sparked rumors of an engagement between the two. It seems like DiCaprio is trying extra hard to avoid cameras and questions, probably because he doesn’t want to fuel the engagement rumors.

This episode has only intensified the spotlight on their relationship, with various sources chiming in on the nature of their bond. While some have speculated about the seriousness of their relationship, others have been quick to debunk the engagement rumors. Us Magazine reported that a source close to the couple stated, “Leo and Vittoria are not engaged,” mentioning that “She’s wearing a ring she’s had for years.”

Leonardo DiCaprio and Vittoria Ceretti 'Are Not Engaged': Source | Us Weekly

So while it seems like the two are still very into each other, an engagement doesn’t seem to be in the works at the moment. As they continue to explore their connection, one thing is clear: DiCaprio might have a history of being a serial supermodel dater, but with Ceretti, he seems to be charting a new course in his love life, one that is seemingly defined by a deeper sense of maturity and discretion. Still, only time will tell if old dating habits die hard; Ceretti turns 26 on June 8, 2024.

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