Leonardo DiCaprio was allegedly ‘very shocked’ when 22 year old Playboy model said NO to sleeping with him

Leonardo DiCaprio was allegedly shocked to face rejection from a Playboy model.

Transitioning from the 90s heartthrob to a womanizer, Leonardo DiCaprio has recently gained quite a reputation in the entertainment industry. Although famously known for his tear-jerking performance in Titanic and his Oscar-winning role as Hugh Glass in The Revenant (2015), DiCaprio has currently acquired notoriety for dating women younger than 25 years old.

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant

While his lush life is being envied by many, Leonardo DiCaprio recently faced some allegations from a young Playboy model, Hieke Konings. Going on the record to reveal that the actor isn’t the best hook-up partner, Konings revealed how DiCaprio has a weird way of handling rejection. Further sharing a few of his alleged bedroom habits that are a big turn-off, the model seemingly exposed the actor.

Playboy Model Had a Below-Par Kiss with Leonardo DiCaprio

For the past few years, Leonardo DiCaprio has gained a notorious reputation for dating women under 25 years of age. Shifting the hard-earned spotlight from his career to his personal life, the actor went from a Hollywood heartthrob to a womanizer in no time. Often making headlines for dating young models, DiCaprio recently got exposed by a 22-year-old Playboy model.

Going under the radar to call out Leonardo DiCaprio, Hieke Konings described her sudden association with the actor at a nightclub in LA. In an interview with the Dutch edition of Playboy, via The Sun, Konings explained how she and DiCaprio made eye contact and soon his manager called her over to meet the actor.

Leonardo DiCaprio in a still from Killers of the Flower Moon
“It was in a secret club in LA, one where you only get in by invitation. I saw him sitting there in his black hoodie and black cap and we made eye contact.”

Hieke Konings explained how his manager played the wingman and immediately pulled her over, saying, “Leo wants to talk to you”. She recalled walking over to the actor’s table and joining him in a conversation. Bringing up his penchant for younger women, Konings revealed how he admitted being “guilty” of it.

DiCaprio in James Cameron’s Titanic

Thereafter, the model explained how one thing led to another and they both shared a kiss. Claiming to have a below-average snog with the actor, Hieke Konings explained how it was enough for her to know that Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t the best hook-up partner.

Hieke Konings Exposed How Leonardo DiCaprio Handles Rejection
Explaining during the interview how she had better kisses with other people than the one she shared with Leonardo DiCaprio, Playboy model Hieke Konings proceeded to expose the actor. “It was okay, but definitely not the best I’ve had,” the 22-year-old shared. Konings then noted how she was invited by DiCaprio to go somewhere private to continue their hook-up.

Given the experience she had from the first kiss, Hieke Konings mentioned turning down the invitation from Leonardo DiCaprio. But surprisingly, the model revealed that DiCaprio was initially stunned to get rejected by her. Often getting his way with models and rarely facing any rejection, the actor was apparently surprised to get declined by Konings.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson
“He reacted very shocked. Of course he wasn’t used to it. When I said I didn’t know him well enough, he responded sweetly. I respect that.”

Despite initially being surprised to face rejection, Leonardo DiCaprio eventually understood his limits with Hieke Konings, after getting an explanation from her. However, the model revealed that the actor had a bizarre way of overcoming rejection. According to the 22-year-old, DiCaprio apparently went ahead to pursue another model, when he could get his way with Konings.

DiCaprio with Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
“Whereupon he turned to another girl and took her home.”

Experiencing a bizarre moment with Leonardo DiCaprio after sharing a lousy kiss and rejecting his proposal to go back to his place, Hieke Konings further proceeded to expose the actor’s alleged bedroom habits. Learning from her friends who hooked up with DiCaprio, the model mentioned how the actor once had his earphones in during s*x, and even engaged in questionable bedroom habits that were a big turn-off.

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