Leonardo DiCaprio’s Worst Film Of All-Time Got Reviews That Should’ve Ended His Career

Leonardo DiCaprio was involved in a franchise film that scored a 0% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Even the best in Hollywood fall down at times… That held true for Tom Cruise during his career comeback, struggling in the film, Lions For Lambs. Despite Meryl Streep and Robert Redford by his side, the actor couldn’t turn it into a hit at the box office, and it turned into his lowest grossing film.

Leonardo DiCaprio faced different circumstances, as this dud film took place during the early part of his career, when he was still finding his eventual stardom. DiCaprio was involved in the Critters franchise, playing a role in the third film. As we’ll reveal in the following, the film was a failure, especially in terms of the reviews. We’ll take a look back at why the film struggled, and how Leonardo DiCaprio felt about his experience. In truth, it wasn’t his only career regret. Leo also spoke about his post-Titanic career and according to the actor, he should’ve done things differently.

Let’s take a look at DiCaprio’s regrets, and worst film.

Director Stephen Harek Gave The Critters Franchise Life After Reading The Script Most In Hollywood Did Not Want To Make


The director of the first Critters film Stephen Harek was a major reason as to why the script was given a chance. According to Den of Geek, the filmmaker was fond of the concept, but was insistent that he needed to direct the film.

“Stephen, to his credit, even though he had no leverage other than a script we wanted to make, absolutely insisted that nobody would direct it but him and if he didn’t it wouldn’t get made,” Rupert Harvey reveals.

“He stuck to his guns and there was never any shift in that position on Brian’s side. I had to convince Bob on several occasions to go ahead with us and, even during production, to actually stick with Steve. But we were all very glad that he did.”

Off a smaller budget of $2 million, the first Critters film got its release in 1986. Success was moderate at the time, bringing in a profit of $13.2 million at the box office, while it received a 6.1 rating from the likes of IMDb. However, it seems like the more the franchise continued on, the more the quality continued to dip, and that was evident when Leonardo DiCaprio joined for the third installment.

Leonardo DiCaprio Called Critters 3 His Worst Film, And Reviews Were Generally Negative

Leonardo DiCaprio at the red carpetVia: Instar

Playing the role of Josh, Leonardo DiCaprio got a taste of what it was like to work on a film during the 1991 movie, Critters 3. The horror/sci-fi film received underwhelming reviews, getting a 0% approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes. The franchise was also under different direction, with Kristine Peterson in charge as the film’s director.

Even Leonardo DiCaprio called the film his worst, but he learned a valuable lesson from the experience.

“[Critters 3 is] possibly one of the worst films of all time. I guess it was a good example to look back and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Rolling Stone also agrees that this was Leo’s worst film, ranking it at the very lowest of all his movies. Still, the publication said the performance, “isn’t too bad.” Although being in such a film could of sank Leo early on, it clearly didn’t, and it was just the start of his career. If anything, it served as experience, while he stated himself, it made him realize what not to look for in a film.

Leonardo DiCaprio Has Other Career Regrets, Which Includes The Lack Of Projects He Took On After Titanic

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet from the set of TitanicVia: Instar

It is hard to find a move star these days comparable to Leonardo DiCaprio. He constantly gets the best scripts in Hollywood, and that holds true today.

However, despite all his success, Leo does have some regrets. One of them came from his post-career after Titanic. DiCaprio enjoyed major career success, but regrets not taking on more roles following the blockbuster.

“I probably should have done more movies during that time period. I took a solid break. I didn’t even understand what a hit was, you know? That movie came out and people were like, ‘This movie is doing amazingly well!’ and I’m like, ‘Good, that’s great!'”

On the flip side, it was also a positive for DiCaprio, as the actor got to take control of his career, and really choose the roles he wanted to be in. This holds true today and is something not all actors have the luxury of doing. DiCaprio was allowed to select the projects he truly believes in, and it added to his brilliant career.

Obviously, given his run during the late-’90s and into the 2000s, Critters 3 is a distant memory and one we assume he doesn’t think about at all. Although the reviews weren’t great, his career marched on without a problem due to the film.

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