Local High School student stars in HULU hit, “Under the Bridge”

“How do you even live in that house.”

Acting seems to be second nature for 16 year old Chloe Guidry, who hails from right here in Acadia Parish. In her latest role, Chloe shines, delivering spine tingling scenes with authenticity and depth. And the number one Hulu series Under the bridge.

“Compared to your insane house, I’m living in Paradise, over here!”

Local High School student stars in HULU hit, “Under the Bridge” | KLFY.com

It’s the true story depiction of the 1997 murder of 14 year old Reena Virk. Chloe plays Josephine, a polarizing and troubled bully.

Chloe says, “She definitely has two sides to her. On the outside, she’s big and bad, but on the inside, she’s she’s struggling. She had a she had a bad past. She lives in a foster care system. She doesn’t have a good relationship with her family. And so in doing that, she looks up to people that aren’t good for her. And she she’s obsessed with the Mafia in New York and gangs, and she wants to go live over there. And it just creates an escape from reality for her..”

For those who know her, this performance is a testament to how good of an actress she really is in this role.

Chloe says she’s nothing like her character “I definitely don’t want to be anything like Joe. So when people see that side of me, it’s like, Who are you really? But they they’ve just been really supportive with it. And it’s scary coming back because you don’t know how you were going to react to it, you know, locally. But everyone has been really, really supportive about it. .”

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“No, thanks. I go, Wow, here. Nobody tells me what to do.”

Chloe’s honed her acting skills since the age of six and at seven landed a role in the David Spade film Joe Dirt two. Prior to this opportunity, there’s been many other opportune oddities. In fact, she made her Sun Valley Film Festival debut starring in Wayward. No matter which way she goes, she remains grounded with the help of her parents and close friends, despite the fact that her star continues to rise.

Chloe talks about her future saying, “There’s actually some stuff I hope to do Continue with acting. I love it. I hope I want to do it forever. Definitely the deep roles and I want to sing and I act. I mean, I dance too, so anything incorporates that.

“I do know we can get out of there. If you’re going to be a gangster.”

Until the next opportunity arises. Chloe will continue to go to high school at Notre Dame High School in Crowley and plans to graduate in 2025.


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