Mark Wahlberg explains how he lost the lead role in Leonardo DiCaprio’s biggest box office hit ever

Mark Wahlberg once came inches close to playing Jack Dawson in ‘Titanic’.

Over the years several A-list actors have lost and turned down incredible roles and projects that later made them regret. But unlike most people, Mark Wahlberg doesn’t believe in regrets. Speaking with Josh Horowitz for his Happy Sad Confused podcast, Wahlberg thus recalled how he lost the lead role in Leonardo DiCaprio’s biggest box office hit – Titanic.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg in The Departed

Revealing how he was auditioning like crazy, for different movies and roles, Mark Wahlberg noted being up for James Cameron’s Titanic. But unfortunately, things didn’t work out for the actor, and he recalled the reason why he lost the role. But instead of regretting his loss, Wahlberg stayed positive and looked on the bright side.

Mark Wahlberg Was Up for Leonardo DiCaprio’s Box Office Hit Titanic

Appearing in myriads of movies over his decades-long career, Mark Wahlberg has now turned into a household name. Initially gaining his popularity through Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights, the actor later became synonymous with the Transformers franchise. But among his renowned movies like The Departed (2006), which gives weightage to his filmography, Wahlberg happened to have lost out on an Oscar-winning box office hit.

Speaking with Josh Horowitz for his Happy Sad Confused podcast, Mark Wahlberg recalled how he was once up for the lead role in James Cameron’s Titanic. Auditioning like crazy, during the 90s for a breakout role, Wahlberg noted landing the opportunity to audition for the role of Jack Dawson. But unfortunately, the lead role went to Leonardo DiCaprio, who turned into a global icon, after Titanic.

Mark Wahlberg played a rising p**n star in Paul Thomas Anderson's Boogie Nights

Mark Wahlberg in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights
According to Mark Wahlberg, he spoke with James Cameron and got himself the opportunity to run for Titanic. But as written in fate, the role went to Leonardo DiCaprio, who starred alongside Kate Winslet as the iconic onscreen couple. However, despite losing his role to DiCaprio, Wahlberg seemed to stay positive about it. Explaining why he lost the opportunity, the Ted actor spoke positively about his career.

Mark Wahlberg Explained Why He Lost James Cameron’s Blockbuster

During his appearance on Josh Horowitz’s podcast, Mark Wahlberg noted how he spoke with James Cameron to get himself the opportunity to audition for Titanic, and later read the script, once he crossed the audition. But unfortunately, Wahlberg revealed a childish reason that stole his opportunity for a big break.

“Were you auditioning like crazy? Like were you up for all, like the Titanics and everything?” Horowitz asked.

“Met on Titanic. Wasn’t really interested in even reading. Like you know I really love Jim Cameron, I was so excited about Jim Cameron. I was like ‘yo, is that your Hummer outside?’ and he was like ‘yeah, we’re supposed to have a meeting’, and I was like, ‘let’s go for a ride, can I drive it?’ I drove his Hummer around with him, and he was like, ‘oh this kid’s not focused’.” Wahlberg revealed.

A still from Titanic

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in a still from Titanic
Losing out on the role of Jack Dawson due to his lack of focus and dedication to his career, Mark Wahlberg noted how he didn’t even get to the reading. Thankfully, he was offered the opportunity to audition, and that’s when he saw Jared Leto leaving after losing out on the lead role.

“You didn’t get to read the script at that point you know. But I mean, I was walking in the door, Jared Leto was walking out and obviously Leo was there… but I didn’t mind going and auditioning. I only got the roles that I think that I was actually right for, which is good.”

Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter

Mark Wahlberg in a still from The Fighter
Looking on the bright side, Mark Wahlberg later confessed how his friends recommended him to directors like Leonardo DiCaprio supposedly did for him when Paul Thomas Anderson was looking for actors to star in Boogie Nights.

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