Matthew McConaughey gives Joy Behar wild foot massage

McConaughey revealed that his father used to rub the feet of his sons’ dates when the actor and his brothers were younger.

Mischief is afoot over Joy Behar’s freshly pedicured feet on The View.

While visiting the long-running talk show Tuesday to promote his new book Just Because, Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey took a little time to enjoy the view of Behar’s feet as he gave her a foot massage live on air.

Inspired by a similar moment that occurred on the March 10, 2006, broadcast of the series, which saw McConaughey rub Behar’s feet while they rested on the lap of former cohost Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the 53-year-old again took Behar’s feet into his hands while seated at the Hot Topics table.

Matthew McConaughey gives Joy Behar a foot massage on 'The View'

Matthew McConaughey gives Joy Behar a foot massage on ‘The View’. ABC
Behar, 80, called the 2006 massage a “highlight” of her life, while McConaughey went to town on her toes once again.

“Now you know where I got this from. This is my dad’s trick,” McConaughey told Behar, who informed him that she got a pedicure specifically for his appearance. “Now if you remember what that was inspired from, my dad would do this. I’ve got two older brothers, every time we had a date come over, we noticed they’d come over earlier and earlier, we’re going out at eight and they’d show up at seven…. Who’s sitting on the couch getting a foot rub? Your date. My dad would always give a foot rub.”

A smiling Behar quipped that McConaughey has potential for being a reflexologist as his “next career,” while a stunned Whoopi Goldberg segued into the next topic by referencing everything that occurred moments prior. “I’m just going to let all of that go by,” she said.

Matthew McConaughey annoyed at a question from Joy Behar on The View.

Joy Behar and Matthew McConaughey on ‘The View.’. ABC
Behar and McConaughey later shared a tense moment on the show, after the cohost claimed that the Dallas Buyers Club actor was “anti-gun” amid a question about whether or not he thought he could be elected to political office in Texas given that he’s spoken about responsible gun ownership in the past. McConaughey responded by telling Behar that she was engaging in a game he was “not interested in playing.”

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