Matthew McConaughey granted five-year restraining order against woman claiming to be his ‘common law wife’


Matthew McConaughey gestures as he watches the Texas Longhorns warm up before the game against the Oklahoma Sooners at the Cotton Bowl on October 07, 2023 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)
A judge granted Matthew McConaughey’s request for a five-year restraining order against a woman who he says has threatened and sent “unhinged” letters to him, Fox News Digital can confirm.

McConaughey appeared in person in a Los Angeles courtroom Thursday, while the woman did not show up. She had requested more time to respond, but Judge Timothy Martella ruled that she had not provided “good cause” after receiving a previous continuance.

Martella granted the restraining order, which will expire on October 19, 2028.


Matthew McConaugheys permanent restraining order against a woman who has been allegedly stalking him since April 2022 was granted during a court hearing Thursday. (Getty Images)

The woman has maintained that she is in a relationship with the “Fool’s Gold” actor and that she co-authored his new book, “Just Because.” According to the temporary restraining order previously obtained by Fox News Digital, the woman had been sending McConaughey “unhinged letters, emails, and frivolous lawsuits designed to lure [him] into court” in order to make contact with him.

The evidence included with McConaughey’s original petition included multiple notices regarding lawsuits filed against him by the woman, who at one point even claimed to be the actor’s “common law wife.” The woman mostly accused McConaughey of hiring her as his social media strategist and not paying her the alleged amount he owed her, which she claims is $100,000.

McConaughey first filed for a temporary restraining order on September 28 after the woman claimed she was traveling “more than 300 miles” to attend one of actor’s book promotion events in Los Angeles, and sent a “threatening email” to the venue.

McConaughey noted in the petition that he was “concerned” that the woman might cause him “physical harm.”


Matthew McConaughey originally filed for a temporary restraining order on September 28. (Lou Rocco/Disney General Entertainment Content)

When the woman showed up at the event, she was met by authorities and informed of the restraining order against her. She was asked to leave and escorted away by police, Fox News Digital previously confirmed.

The idea for McConaughey’s book came to him in a dream.

“This book came to me in a dream. It was like a folk-song ditty,” he explained, according to USA Today. “I woke up at 2:30 and just went and wrote it down. I thought it was a Bob Dylan ditty, which it kind of is.”

“That’s how I think and dream, in song and rhythm.”


McConaughey’s alleged stalker was removed from the premises during a release event for “Just Because” at Barnes & Noble The Grove in September. (Emma McIntyre)

The book features a series of rhymes beginning with the phrase “Just Because.”

“It’s about the poetry of life, instead of having the pressure on us that feels like we’re told every day that we need to be absolute about every single thing,” McConaughey said. “That’s not really life. Life’s much more poetic, odd, ironic. Once you admit all these contradictions, life becomes much more of a poem.”

This isn’t the first book McConaughey has penned. He released his memoir, “Greenlights,” in 2020.

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