Matthew McConaughey Recalls $300 Bet He Lost To Jamey Johnson Ahead Of The Super Bowl

Jamey Johnson Matthew McConaughey

With the Super Bowl about to kick off in a matter of hours, Matthew McConaughey took the opportunity to hop on the ol’ Instagram and share a little insight into his gambling habits:

“Gambling for me, which I dabble with a little bit for entertainment’s sake, is like buying a ticket to the game… if I’m betting $100 on a game with my friend, I’m gonna watch that game a hell of a lot closer.”

And in a story that combines both football and country music, McConaughey recalled a bet he once made with his friend and country singer Jamey Johnson.

Back in 2010, McConaughey’s Texas Longhorns and Johnson’s Alabama Crimson Tide were facing off in the BCS National Championship game. So the two decided to make a friendly wager on the game – with the loser having to make a donation to the winner’s charity of choice.

And Jamey Johnson chose Gamblers Anonymous as his charity that would receive the donation from McConaughey if Alabama won the game.

You’ve gotta admit, that’s pretty funny.

Well Alabama went on to defeat the Longhorns 37-21 and finish the season with a perfect record, so McConaughey was on the hook (no “hook ’em” pun intended) for the donation. The only problem? Gamblers Anonymous didn’t seem to see the humor in donating gambled winnings to charity, and they refused to accept the donation.

According to McConaughey:

“I had a bet with Jamey Johnson once, a country musician, great musician and he won the bet and we said before the bet, whoever wins we’ll give the $300 dollars to the winner’s favorite charity.

He won, but his charity was Gamblers Anonymous. So we sent them the $300 and told them the little story and Gamblers Anonymous said ‘we can not take this donation. We cannot receive these funds because of the way you got them.’”

I guess they didn’t get the joke…

By the way, everyone I know who has met Jamey Johnson says the dude is hilarious. I think this is further proof.


McConaughey actually starred in Jamey’s 2010 “Playing The Part” music video, where he donned a gorilla suit:

And who could forget his performance in Trisha Yearwood’s “Walkaway Joe” video?


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