Matthew McConaughey Received a Severe Be:ati:ng After Deciding To Run Away From Home as a Teenager

Matthew McConaughey is one of the most critically acclaimed actors in Hollywood. McConaughey has delivered memorable performances in a plethora of great movies.

Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey

Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey

The veteran actor’s best work featured in movies like Interstellar and The Wolf of Wall Street. Considering McConaughey’s huge stature, fans are always interested in hearing stories about the veteran actor during interviews.

Keeping that in mind, McConaughey’s appearances on talk shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show are always loved by fans.

Matthew McConaughey Reveals his Most Rebellious Act as a Teenager
When it comes to popular actors, most fans tend to forget that underneath all their success, they are still human. Keeping that in mind, McConaughey was asked about his most rebellious act as a teenager, and the Interstellar star didn’t disappoint.

McConaughey shared the story of how he received a severe beating after deciding to run away from his home on a 2019 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Oh, at 13, I got really mad at the parents and I’m running away, and as soon as they went, ‘Oh, you are?’ and they beat me to my room to start packing my bags, helping me, and then pushed me out the door, I went, ‘I don’t think I really want to go as bad as I thought I did.’ Yeah, I wasn’t that rebellious.

In some ways, it’s a hilarious story rather than being a rebellious story. Although McConaughey initially wanted to leave his house, when his parents agreed to his request, he changed his mind.

Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey

Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey
So, the only lesson that the future Hollywood star learned is to never try to play games with his parents. Not only did they agree to kick him out of the house, but they also gave him a memorable beating.

What is Matthew McConaughey Doing These Days?
After reaching the status that McConaughey has reached, it allows an actor to be extremely picky with their projects.

In 2023, Matthew McConaughey lent his voice to Netflix’s Agent Elvis. He voiced none other than the late American singer, Elvis Presley.

The show falls in a unique genre as Elvis Presley joins a secret government spy program. Presley fights against the forces that threaten the safety of his country.

Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey

Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey
Apart from the unique TV show, McConaughey is all set to play the lead role in The Rivals of Amziah King. The movie is currently in post-production and must be aiming for a late 2023 or early 2024 release date.

McConaughey will be portraying Amziah King in this crime-thriller film, which is the brain-child of Andrew Patterson.


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