Matthew McConaughey’s Video Game Debut Exodus is Being Compared to Baldur’s Gate 3 Already

The Game Awards brought a lot of announcements of new IPs and games; Exodus was one of these titles. Baldur’s Gate 3 and Exodus are already being compared based on one specific connection. This space-Odyssey adventure will feature Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey as the main protagonist. The studio behind this project is called Archetype.

This team is very ambitious and is giving more details about the mechanics of the game. The studio revealed in a Q&A that the game’s companions are a very important aspect of the title; other questions were about whether the player will control non-human characters.

Exodus – Matthew McConaughey’s Video Game Debut

Exodus has a very interesting plot according to Archetype.Exodus has a very interesting plot, according to Archetype.
Exodus, despite its limited details, is a game that offers numerous opportunities for time travel and combat. The player will travel through space in search of a way to defeat the Celestials, these powerful beings that are treating the entire universe. This title will have many key decisions that will force the player to really think about their next move and have a wider perspective on the future.

Matthew McConaughey will be the voice of one of the protagonists. The studio behind the title has revealed new information about how the game will work, especially regarding the NPCs. Archetype is the team in charge of developing this new IP. In a Q&A, two members of the studio talked about the companion NPC and what kind of character the player will control in the game. They also revealed a great diversity of species.

Exodus and a Peculiar Coincidence with Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 and this game with Matthew McConaughey as a protagonist had something in common.Baldur’s Gate 3 and this game with Matthew McConaughey as the protagonist had something in common.
This Q&A was posted on YouTube, but the popular X insider Shinobi602 made a resume on X.

A user responded by comparing the game to Baldur’s Gate 3 and their initial relationship with Wizard of the Coast, the brand that publishes Exodus.

The idea is that this brand of Table Top games have the potential to make a successful sci-fi game, so the company is betting heavily on this new IP, which offers a very immersive story.

The studio revealed that the game features a time dilation system that allows the player to travel through time, return to their home, and realize that everything they know is older, all for the greater good. The Celestials had to be stopped, so your faction will have to do everything in its power to get new weapons and destroy the Celestials for good. Companions will be key for this task.

Exodus will be released on PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. With every new and original IP, the possibilities are limitless, and this new game has all the potential to tell an amazing story that won’t be affected by time. With a greater objective in mind, the player will have to make more difficult choices to save humanity, no matter the cost. The idea is astonishing and could end up being a very good title.

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