Missy Peregrym’s FBI Season 6 Exit Rumors Get Definitive Response From OA Actor

FBI star Zeeko Zaki clarifies rumors that Missy Peregrym is leaving the CBS show. Zaki and Peregrym are two of FBI’s original cast members, with a segment of viewers hoping to see their characters, Omar Adom “OA” Zidan and Maggie Bell, in a relationship. But as the sixth installment of the popular procedural drama prepares to end another chapter, Maggie’s had some time away from the team.

During an interview with TheWrap, Zaki was asked about the concern that Peregrym could be exiting before FBI season 7. Zaki clarified that his co-star would be back as Maggie for the upcoming season 6 finale, which premieres on May 21. He also shed light on some of the intentions behind Maggie not appearing in recent episodes, teasing that season 7 would focus on Maggie’s personal story. Read his statement below:

He feels the same way that Zeeko feels about Missy getting some time off. It’s so earned, to me, showing that these characters can have some sort of balance and don’t want each other to burn out or to break.

That [Peregrym’s exit] is not happening. But I think all press is good press. It’s nice to see that people are that dialed in on the show. But no, she will be back. And I hope it’s not a spoiler, but she will be back in the finale, which is really exciting.

I think we’re going to dive into Maggie’s personal story a little bit more. We’ve earned the chance to share our personal lives and show what’s happening besides the crimes. Of course, when the show starts, you want to focus on the bombs and the intensity and reel people in, but I think we’re down to give the audience what they want, and us as characters and actors, that’s what we want to do as well.

Why It Seemed Like FBI Was Losing Maggie (Again)

Missy Peregrym’s Been With The Show Since The Start

OA and Maggie together while outside at park in FBI

Maggie’s status in FBI became a bit of a question mark due to the events of a recent episode, in which the character gets shot during a risky mission. She’s able to defend herself, but it echoes what has happened to other characters in the overall franchise who have left after staring down life-threatening circumstances. In the most recent episode, “No One Left Behind,” Maggie is on leave and FBI Special Agent Tiffany Wallace (Katherine Renee Kane) fills in to take her place.

It makes sense why there were concerns about Maggie’s absence. Thankfully, Maggie won’t be gone from FBI for too long…

Peregrym has portrayed Maggie since the beginning of FBI, though she’s taken absences from the CBS show in the past. Maggie temporarily departed from the procedural drama, beginning late in season 2, to account for Peregrym’s real-life pregnancy. To explain this absence, Maggie took a temporary undercover assignment away from her team.

Peregrym’s second FBI departure was also to account for maternity leave, as the actor was expecting her second child with husband Tom Oakley. In explaining Maggie’s absence during season 4, the character was exposed to sarin gas during a mission and landed in the hospital. Therefore, it makes sense why there were concerns about Maggie’s absence. Thankfully, Maggie won’t be gone from FBI for too long, with her co-star confirming she will be back in the season 6 finale.

OA Also Has His Own Demons To Face In FBI Season 6

He Opened Up About Being A Prisoner Of War (But Hasn’t Told Maggie)

Zeeko Zaki as Agent Zidan with agents ready to shoot behind him in FBI season 6

FBI season 6, episode 11, “No One Left Behind,” is also a difficult one for OA. Without the presence of Maggie, he has to take the lead on a risky mission that stirs up personal feelings. He gets involved in the rescue of a kidnapped Taliban leader, essentially building to a hostage swap, and it’s ultimately revealed that OA was once a prisoner of war during his time as an Army Ranger. At the start of the episode, he is reluctant to open up to his girlfriend Gemma (Comfort Clinton).

That changes before the final episodes roll, but it’s an obviously difficult conversation for OA. He feels that he has failed those that he served with, which adds to the personal dimension of the case. It’s an admission that he hasn’t even made to his partner, Maggie, which could open up another avenue for the two to bond over when Agent Bell comes back for the season 6 finale.

What’s In Store For The FBI Season 6 Finale?

The Episode Is Titled “Reign of Fire”The cast of FBI wearing tactical gear about to enter a building

While the past few episodes of FBI season 6 had its spotlight on Maggie and OA, the upcoming finale will turn its attention to the terrorist group responsible for Agent Hobbs’ death. Played by Roshawn Franklin, Hobbs was an intelligence analyst at the FBI and appeared in a total of 32 episodes. When the group that kills Hobbs resurfaces, the entire team works to bring them down for good. Still, it’s especially significant for Special Agent Wallace, as she feels responsible for Hobbs’ death given that they were both undercover at the time.

Only one more episode remains until the season’s closing episode. And, as is often the case, the finales tend to be jam-packed with action that leaves less room for personal conversation. But given that FBI has garnered a three-season renewal at CBS, there is a lot of story that awaits Maggie, OA, and the rest of the team for at least a few more years.

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