Monsieur Spade Season 2 Gets Hopeful Response & Pitch From Clive Owen

Clive Owen hopes Monsieur Spade season 2 happens, and has a pitch for what it should be about. Dashiell Hammett’s iconic detective made an unexpected return in AMC’s six-episode drama, which picks up Spade’s story 20 years after the events of The Maltese Falcon, with the former San Francisco gumshoe now retired and living in southern France. Owen may not get to wear Humphrey Bogart’s trenchcoat and hat, but Spade still needs his sharp detective skills and sharper wit as a mystery begins unfolding in his sun-splashed new home.

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With Monsieur Spade season 1 now having wrapped up its mystery, Owen recently addressed the chances of a season 2, and gave a hopeful response while offering his own pitch for a story. Check out his remarks below (via AMC):

I’d want to go back to San Francisco and investigate something from his past. To be honest, Scott [Frank] and I have already talked a bit about it… but everyone’s just waiting to see how this goes, because there’s certainly some really exciting possibilities of where we could take him.

Could A Monsieur Spade Season 2 Happen?


Monsieur Spade season 1 left Owen’s Sam Spade alive, and still living on his inherited estate in southern France, with his daughter Teresa (Cara Bossom) by his side. The season did cast a shadow over Spade, however, implying that he may not be long for this world due to lung cancer brought on by cigarette smoking.

Were Sam Spade to return to San Francisco as Owen suggests in his pitch, the move could be prompted by a sense of mortality, and a desire to clean up old business. Monsieur Spade season 2 could further explore Sam’s relationship with Teresa, who flashed her own budding detective skills in season 1.

Everything depends on whether AMC wants to invest in Monsieur Spade as an ongoing proposition. There is more story to be told, as Owen suggests. Critics were largely positive about the series, as reflected in its 77% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but it wasn’t some runaway hit, nor did it generate a huge amount of internet buzz. The future of Monsieur Spade feels very much up in the air, but if Owen wants to return, and creator Frank has more ideas, then season 2 is a possibility.

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