MTV ‘Making The Band 2’ Star Freddy P Adds to Diddy Rumors With A Shocking Claim

Freddy discussed the disgraced mogul in a new interview with ‘The Art of Dialogue.’

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In a new interview with “The Art of Dialogue,” Da Band’s Freddy P made a shocking confession about Diddy. The supergroup was formed during the popular MTV reality show “Making The Band 2.”

The group was comprised of five rappers—including Freddy—and one singer: Babs, E. Ness, Chopper, Dylan Dilinjah and Sara. The group broke up after their debut album “Too Hot For TV.”

Now, Freddy is opening up about how the disgraced Bad Boy mogul allegedly threatened him. He stated that Diddy told him he was powerful enough to buy the entire street the Florida rapper lived on and would turn off the electricity.

He continued:

Freddy P Reveals Disturbing Words Diddy Told Him That Made Him Quit The Group “Da Band”

Diddy also allegedly said that anyone who stepped out onto the block would get killed. “One day, I was waking up, and I was in a mood. I’m in the studio, I’m snapping or whatever. I didn’t even want to be f**ked with,” Freddy said.

Freddy P Accuses Diddy Of Threatening His Life, Blames Him For Leaving Da  Band

“You know when you around a bunch of goofies and you a street n***a, sometimes you don’t want to be around the nerds. So I’m in that b**ch; I’m just frustrated with a lot of s**t going on. Anyway, we get into a situation. We in front of everybody, n***a like, ‘Man, what you think you bout it or something?’ He was like, ‘N***a, I’ll buy every house on your block, shut every light off in that b**ch, and every time you come out that b**ch you’ll get popped.’ When he tell you some s**t like that, you go to picture him purchasing every house, you going to picture every light going off, and that s**t silenced me.”

Freddy also said that Diddy’s assertion is why he ultimately left Da Band. He even said he thought about taking things into his own hands with Diddy, but opted not to. The star’s demise has been happening for months, and we doubt this is the last person who will speak out about Diddy’s past behavior.


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