Nic Pizzolatto’s “Pettiness” Over ‘True Detective’ Season 4 Could Get Him Fired From Amazon’s ‘Magnificent Seven’ IP

Nic Pizzolatto’s critique of True Detective Season 4 could impact his role in Amazon’s The Magnificent Seven.
True Detective has garnered a devoted fan base as an HBO limited series, earning critical acclaim for its first three seasons. However, the fourth season of the show, True Detective: Night Country, unveiled certain aspects of the pettiness exhibited by its former creator, Nic Pizzolatto.

While Pizzolatto guided the earlier seasons to success, his comments on the fourth season faced widespread criticism.

True Detective Creator Nic Pizzolatto
True Detective Creator Nic Pizzolatto

Meanwhile, Pizzolatto’s involvement in an upcoming TV series at Amazon, based on the classic Western film Magnificent Seven, is underway. However, his controversial approach to True Detective Season 4 raises concerns about his future involvement in the new project.

Pizzolatto’s behavior towards True Detective‘s fourth season may jeopardize his position in the upcoming TV series as well.

Nic Pizzolatto’s Controversial Response to True Detective: Night Country

Nic Pizzolatto's True Detective
True Detective Season 4
True Detective made its much-anticipated return with its fourth installment titled True Detective: Night Country on January 16, 2024. While fans were eager for Nic Pizzolatto‘s return to helm the hit anthology crime-drama, fate had different plans for the show.
Ultimately, Issa López stepped in to create the fourth season, marking a significant departure from Pizzolatto’s involvement.
However, Pizzolatto’s response to López’s treatment of the show stirred controversy. Despite the generally positive reception towards the fourth season, Pizzolatto took to social media to express his criticism.
In a now-deleted post, he allegedly deemed the fourth season’s connection to the first season as stupid.

Furthermore, Pizzolatto clarified that he had no role in the writing of the fourth installment. His comments sparked a heated debate among fans on social media, with prominent figures like movie critics John Rocha and Jeff Sneider expressing disappointment over Pizzolatto’s actions.

Interestingly, while Rocha praised López’s work in the last season, Sneider attributed some of its success to Pizzolatto’s groundwork in the first three seasons. But John Rocha gave a harsh reply by stating,

“It wricks of pettiness and being a little b*tch. Like he really does for him writing these toughest characters for him to whine about a female creator with two female leads, doing a season of the show. He could have just let it be, collected his pay check but him being such a b*tch about it because the use a couple of references to the fourth season.”

Notably, True Detective: Night Country became the show’s most-watched season ever, attracting a staggering 12.7 million viewers across HBO platforms.

In a surprising turn of events, True Detective Season 5 was confirmed, with Issa López set to return following the success of Season 4. This announcement solidified López’s position as a key figure in the future of the series, signaling a new chapter for True Detective under her creative direction.

Nic Pizzolatto’s Transition to The Magnificent Seven at Amazon Studios

nic pizzolatto

True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto has embarked on a new venture as he writes and executive produces The Magnificent Seven TV series currently in development at Amazon Studios. Initially, Pizzolatto had envisioned crafting an original Western drama series for Amazon Studios, centered around a former outlaw embarking on a grand journey.

This journey would see him assembling a band of allies while confronting threats from his past, and navigating through perilous encounters along the way. However, the concept evolved into a Magnificent Seven reboot, aligning with Amazon Studios’ desire to anchor the series around a well-known IP.

This transition into familiar territory isn’t new for Pizzolatto, given his previous involvement in co-writing the 2016 feature remake of Magnificent Seven, directed by Antoine Fuqua. Despite this background, doubts have arisen regarding Pizzolatto’s future with the project.

In a revealing discussion, movie critic Jeff Sneider expressed skepticism about Pizzolatto’s continued involvement, citing concerns over his actions towards True Detective Season 4. Jeff Snieder said,

“But after all this, it’s just so easy for them to just wipe their hand of him and be like you know what if they still wanna do Magnificient Seven, they just fuck and find somebody more birilliant.”

However, as of now, Amazon has not officially announced any changes regarding Pizzolatto’s involvement in the project. The Magnificent Seven adaptation continues to progress under Pizzolatto’s direction, leaving fans eagerly anticipating its development and eventual release.

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