Not True Detective: Night Country, Jodie Foster receives Supporting Actress Oscar nom 4 decades after a film at 14

The star, 61, received her first Academy Award nomination for “Taxi Driver” in the same category when she was a teenager.

Filmmaker/actress Jodie Foster, scored her second Oscar nomination in the Best Supporting Actress category for her role as swim coach Bonnie Stoll in Nyad.

Nyad is a biographical drama about marathon swimmer Diana Nyad (Annette Bening) and Foster’s nomination comes 47 years after she received her first-ever Oscar nomination in the same category.

Her first nomination, however, was a far cry from her portrayal of Bonnie Stoll because Foster was nominated for her role in the 1976 crime noir Taxi Driver, playing a teenage prostitute opposite Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese. Both Scorsese and De Niro are also nominated this year for Killers of the Flower Moon.

Foster, now 61, was just 14 when she received her first nomination, making her one of the youngest stars to do so. She was up against Hollywood heavyweights Beatrice Straight (Network), Jane Alexander (All the President’s Men), Lee Grant (Voyage of the Damned), and Piper Laurie (Carrie).

Foster didn’t take home the win (Straight took home the statuette), but she won for her role at the BAFTAs that year and would later go on to win two Oscars for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the 1989 and 1992 ceremonies for her work in The Accused and The Silence of the Lambs, respectively.

Jodi Foster attends "True Detective: Night Country" Premiere Event at Paramount Pictures Studios on January 09, 2024 in Hollywood, California, Jodie Foster (L) and Robert de Niro, leading roles of Martin Scorsese film "Taxi driver", are pictured during the 30th Cannes Film Festival 20 May 1976.

Jodie Foster; Jodie Foster promoting ‘Taxi Driver’ in 1976. JEFF KRAVITZ/FILMMAGIC; AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES
The star recently reminisced on her first Oscar nomination during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier this month, after having reunited with De Niro and Scorsese at the Golden Globes that week.

Kimmel showed a photo to the audience of Foster and a young man at the 1977 ceremony and Foster explained that the boy, named Todd, was her date. “He was the cutest boy in my class,” she recalled. “You’re out there somewhere, Todd.”

Jodie Foster 1.989 ("The Accused") | Jodie foster, Best actress oscar, Best  actress

“He didn’t like me anymore after that,” she said, adding that she once ran into Todd at a Baskin-Robbins.

Foster also recalled De Niro and Scorsese being “scared” of her while filming Taxi Driver. “Which I understand because I was 12 and they had to say things like, ‘Can you pull his fly down?'” she said. “It was a little awkward … Scorsese particularly couldn’t stop giggling every time we talked, then De Niro had to take over.”

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