Old Footage of a Young Leonardo DiCaprio With Brian Peck Infuriates Fans After Drake Bell’s Se:xu:al Abuse Allegations

A young Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted hanging out with notorious child predator Brian Peck in a resurfaced video on the internet!

Leonardo DiCaprio entered the world of Hollywood at quite a young age, making his debut in 1991 with Critters 3. The actor has met a lot of people throughout his life and not everyone had good intentions.

A resurfaced video shows DiCaprio standing and joking alongside Brian Peck, a known child predator in Hollywood. Sharing the video on X, people were infuriated with how Peck was so relaxed around DiCaprio.

leonardo dicaprio killers of the flower moon
Leonardo DiCaprio in Killers of the Flower Moon

A Resurfaced Video Sees Child Predator Brian Peck With Leonardo DiCaprio!

In 2004, notorious child predator Brian Peck was convicted of having intimate relations with a minor and was sentenced to a 16-month jail time alongside several other punishments. Being a dialect coach who often worked with child actors on sets, the world was shocked to learn about Peck’s behavior.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic

Well, a recently resurfaced video on X (formerly Twitter) sees veteran actor Leonardo DiCaprio as a young kid hanging out with Brian Peck. With how triggered the people were, fans were not at all happy with how relaxed Peck was with DiCaprio and even felt worried for the Titanic star since he probably did not know any better back then!


DiCaprio can be heard saying “Brian is the famous artist and we always make fun of each other and portray each other in silly-satirical ways” as DiCaprio’s hands roam around Peck’s shirt button. The disturbing video continues with Peck saying “Leo, as you know, is the latest hottest, hunkiest teen out there” and says “Look, speaking of hunky” as a young DiCaprio shows his biceps. Well, although the video is disturbing enough, a recent accusation by Drake Bell seems to shed new light on the case of Brian Peck back when he was convicted in 2004!

Drake Bell Accuses Brian Peck of S*xually Abusing A Minor!

Drake Bell in Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh (2008)
Drake Bell in Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh (2008)Drake Bell is an American actor known for starring in the 2004 show Drake & Josh. The actor has been recently involved in controversy since Brian Peck was arrested in 2004. Well, the child in question who Peck misbehaved with was none other than Drake Bell. At least, that’s what the actor is claiming to be!

Bell revealed that Brian Peck allegedly s*xually abused him when he was just 15 years old. Peck was arrested in 2003 in his own home for grooming and coaching a minor and as per Drake Bell, he was the kid that was groomed by Peck but he chose to remain silent all these years since the identity of the child was never revealed.

Although the case is several years old, Bell’s harrowing statements have renewed the public’s interest in Brian Peck. The child predator continued to work in Hollywood years after his conviction but has been keeping quiet for several years.

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