Old video of Diddy and ‘The Game’ with Justin Bieber goes viral

Sean Diddy Combs and Justin Bieber (Pic credit: Film Magic, Via X)

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is currently one of the most controversial figures in Hollywood. The music mogul’s lavish mansions in Miami and LA were raided in connection with se:x trafficking allegations. Additionally, his purported disturbing relationships with several top industry figures have raised further concerns. In the middle of this, a series of old videos featuring Diddy and Justin Bieber have recently surfaced on the internet, with the most recent one sparking ‘rape’ and ‘drugs’ allegations.

A video of Diddy and ‘The Game’ with Justin Bieber goes viral

X-handle Diana Wallace posted a video of a teenage Justin Bieber dancing with Diddy and ‘The Game’ at what appears to be a listening party. In the video, Sean Combs is seen giving Bieber a bottle of alcohol. It is alleged that the Baby crooner was under the age of 18 at the time. Many users in the comment section claimed that he was “se:xua:lly harassed, preyed upon, and exploited repeatedly” with no one finding it improper.

“If Terry Crews can be se:xua:lly assaulted, anybody can be se:xu:ally assaulted.” A user commented on the video. Referencing to one of his old viral videos, another user wrote, “Justin Bieber got se:xu:ally assaulted on live television by a 40-year-old woman while he was 18 and no one ever did anything about it. see the issue?.” “I could never believe such things before, but as time goes on we are seeing more and more people come forward. It seems like Diddy did the same as Epstein but only in the entertainment industry. This world is sick.” Others chimed in.

Videos of Diddy and Justin are ‘unsettling’ to many

Concerning' Video Of Diddy & Justin Bieber Resurfaces Amid Lawsuit
In the past few days, multiple old videos of Justin and Diddy have been slammed as ‘uncomfortable’, ‘creepy’, ‘disturbing’, and more by netizens. Diddy, an American rapper and former chairman of Revolt TV, has been accused of sexual assault, trafficking, and other allegations. So far, five people, including his ex-girlfriend and music producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, have filed serious charges against the 54-year-old rapper. Jones has filed a sexual assault lawsuit seeking $30 million in damages.

These videos show Diddy patting down Bieber’s chest multiple times to check for a wire and hounding a young Justin, possibly around 16, about keeping his distance from him. This was at a time when Usher was mentoring Bieber closely. Bieber, on the other hand, had previously been in Diddy’s “legal custody,” as Combs pointed out in another disturbing clip which resurfaced.



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