Reacher Season 3 Must Top Season 1’s Best Action Scene

Since Reacher season 2 failed to beat season 1’s best action scene, season 3 must learn from season 2’s mistakes and deliver the Amazon series’ best fights.

Based on Lee Child’s Bad Luck and Trouble, Reacher season 2 improved the Amazon show in several ways. For instance, unlike Reacher season 1’s ending, where the titular character’s romantic journey with Roscoe closes on a tragic note, the character’s season 2 romantic arc with Dixon reaches a bittersweet conclusion. Instead of keeping false hopes about their relationship, both Reacher and Dixon understood how they could not be together.

Even when it comes to other character beats, Reacher season 2 seems better in many regards because the titular character has an established bond with the people he is working with. However, when action is considered, Reacher season 1 remains far superior to season 2. Season 3, however, now has the perfect opportunity to take the quality of the franchise’s action up a notch.

Reacher Season 1 Still Has The Best Action Scene In The Amazon Series

Reacher’s prison brawl in season 1 remains the series’ most memorable fight

Reacher takes out multiple prisoners in the showers.

What makes Reacher season 1’s prison showdown incredibly gripping and intense is the show’s meticulous and gradual build-up to it. As a viewer, it is hard not to sense an imminent confrontation as soon as Reacher finds himself among dangerous criminals. With what follows, Reacher season 1 gives viewers a trailer of the climatic prison showdown by showcasing the titular character’s physical prowess. When a group of inmates steps inside his cell and scares Paul Hubble, Reacher interrupts and gives them a choice: step back or face the consequences of crossing paths with him.

Reacher even gives the leader of the inmates a countdown to three but cleverly catches him off-guard by smashing his head at two. While the inmate’s men do not even dare to fight back, Reacher snags a pair of sunglasses from one of them and strolls out of his cell with his new glasses on. This little development leads to the epic bathroom fight where Reacher only counts to 1 before lashing out at another group of inmates and single-handedly taking them down with his fists. Without being too over-the-top, this scene perfectly portrays Jack Reacher’s fearlessness and unwavering will to punish wrongdoers.

Most Reacher Season 2’s Fight Scenes Are Too Over The Top

Reacher season 2’s fight scenes are bigger in scale but less in impact

Custom image of Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher in Reacher

When it comes to the sheer scale and production value of its action scenes, Reacher season 2 tops season 1. However, many a time, season 2 stretches the suspension of disbelief a little too far. For instance, even though the scene where Reacher kicks Russo’s car and engages his airbag is both funny and surprising, it borders on the improbable. Even the showdown where Reacher, Neagley, Dixon, and O’Donnell team up against a gang of bikers and somehow end up having no injuries despite being outnumbered strains the fight scene’s credibility.

Season 2 pushes the boundary of plausibility when Reacher holds on to Dixon’s stretcher with only one arm despite getting stabbed on it

Reacher season 2’s finale is undoubtedly more gripping than season 1’s because the titular character nearly loses his life while trying to protect Dixon and O’Donnell in the chopper fight scene. However, season 2 pushes the boundary of plausibility when Reacher holds on to Dixon’s stretcher with only one arm despite getting stabbed on it. Unlike the inmates from the prison fight, the villains in season 2 barely seem intimidating and even make some silly decisions, diminishing the stakes and tension surrounding the climactic showdown.

Reacher Season 3 Can Learn From Season 2’s Mistakes & Beat Season 1’s Best Fight

Reacher season 3 has the perfect opportunity to top season 1’s action

Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher in Reacher season 2 looking sternJack Reacher (Alan Richtson) in Reacher season 2-3Jack Reacher (Alan Richtson) in Reacher season 2-2Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher looking stoic in Reacher season 2

Considering how Reacher season 3 is adapting Lee Child’s Persuader, the Amazon show’s third installment already seems to have the perfect opportunities to feature the series’ best combat scenes. Season 3’s source material offers many compelling moments where Reacher not only puts his bare-knuckle fighting skills on display but also demonstrates his expertise in tactical strategy. Hopefully, Reacher season 3 will capitalize on these opportunities and deliver the franchise’s best action and drama.

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