Reacher Star Alan Ritchson Shares ‘Rare’ Footage Of Him Rehearsing A Bloody Reacher Season 2 Fight Scene

That’s why we love Reacher.

Alan Ritchson as Reacher

Given the fact that it had an uneasy track record in the movies, Lee Child and the producers on the Jack Reacher series – available with an Amazon Prime Video subscription – have to be thrilled with the way the show has been received. Through the first two seasons, Reacher ranks as one of the best Prime shows available to audiences. And fans are anxiously awaiting updates on Reacher Season 3, which we know has been filming since early this year, and just needs a release date. While we wait, the hulking mass that is Alan Ritchson shared a behind-the-scenes Reacher video to keep fans satiated. Check this one out:

This scene took place in the season finale of Reacher Season 2, when our hero Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson) finally caught up with the criminals responsible for killing off members of the Special Forces. Something you do not want to do, unless you want Reacher hunting you down. I was glad that they adapted Bad Luck and Trouble for the second season on Reacher. But at the time, I recommended that they head in a different direction for Season 3, something that made Reacher more of a lone wolf. And that’s what we are going to get with the next season. More on that in a second.

What I love about the clip that Ritchson shared is the physicality that is present in Reacher, the series. No one involved in this show is pulling any punches, on any level. The leading man might not be thrilled that they film the show in Canada. But everything else about the series, so far, has been authentic to the bone. And behind-the-scenes videos like this prove that point.

Reacher's Alan Ritchson reveals the effects training for the show had on  his body

The Lee Child book being adapted for Reacher Season 3 is Persuader, and the team behind the series has been hard at work casting up the right actors for key parts. I went ahead and made an argument that there’s a significant character they might have a hard time finding, simply because of the way that he is described on the page. But we’ll see what happens when Reacher Season 3 rolls out on Amazon Prime Video.

If you like Alan Ritchson and want to see him in more stuff, keep your eyes peeled for Guy Ritchie’s The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. It co-stars Henry Cavill and Eiza Gonzalez, and is one of many upcoming 2024 movies we have on our radar.


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