Reba McEntire’s New TV Show Makes Up For Her 4-Year-Old Western Being Canceled After 3 Seasons

Known as the “Queen of Country,” singer-turned-actor Reba McEntire starred in the beloved six-season sitcom Reba during the early 2000s, but that is far from her only acclaimed television project. NBC recently announced that The Voice coach and country music legend would star in a new network sitcom called Happy’s Place. The original multi-cam comedy will see executive producer McEntire star as Bobbie, a woman who inherits her father’s restaurant. Already less-than-enthused, Bobbie soon discovers that her business partner in Happy’s Place is a half-sister she never knew existed.

Happy’s Place will see McEntire reunite with former Reba cast member Melissa Peterman.

Both heartfelt and humorous, Happy’s Place will see McEntire reunite with former Reba cast member Melissa Peterman. Aside from Reba, McEntire and Peterman have both had stints on other hit series like Young Sheldon and Working Class. Happy’s Place’s cast of characters will also include Belissa Escobedo, Pablo Castelblanco, Tokala Black Elk, and Rex Linn, who’s McEntire’s real-life partner. So far, NBC has been tight-lipped about when the new Reba McEntire sitcom will debut, but, undoubtedly, it almost makes up for the abrupt cancelation of McEntire’s three-season Western.

Reba McEntire’s Upcoming Happy’s Place Show Makes Up For Big Sky Being Canceled

The Singer & Actor Will Once Again Star In A Network Sitcom

Reba McEntire as June sitting in a chair in Young Sheldon season 5, episode 7

Created by David E. Kelley (Big Little Lies, The Practice), Big Sky is a crime-drama thriller that debuted on ABC in 2020. In the first season, former police officer Jenny Hoyt (​​​​Katheryn Winnick) and private detective Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) team up to investigate an abduction involving a long-haul trucker and a sex worker. Across the show’s three seasons, the duo tackle other Montana-set criminal cases. In Big Sky season 2, Supernatural alum Jensen Ackles joined the show, and, in the third and final outing, Reba McEntire was added to Big Sky’s cast.

Reba McEntire only appeared in one season of Big Sky before its cancelation.

In a huge departure from her sitcom roles, McEntire plays Big Sky character Sunny Barnes, a back-country outfitter and the owner of Sunny Day Excursions. Just 13 episodes, Big Sky season 3 sees Jenny and Ackles’ interim sheriff Beau Arlen investigating a missing persons case after a hiker seemingly vanishes. During their investigation, Jenny and Beau question Sunny, who vows to assist them. Shortly thereafter, Sunny is shown aiding a mysterious man who could be connected to the disappearance. Although McEntire was widely praised for her dramatic turn, she only appeared in one season of Big Sky before its cancelation.

Why ABC Canceled Big Sky After 3 Seasons

Declining Ratings Took Down Big SkyJensen Ackles in Big Sky season 3, episode 13

After just three seasons, ABC canceled Big Sky, ending Reba McEntire’s short-lived dramatic role in the crime drama series. Based on The Highway series of books by C. J. Box, Big Sky had plenty of material to pull from, but, unfortunately, landed uneven reviews from critics. Meanwhile, audiences were even harsher on the series, finding it difficult to get swept into the shaky series’ twists and turns. Despite gaining traction during the COVID-19 pandemic, Big Sky never returned to its season-one highs. Ultimately, the sharp decline in ratings during Big Sky season 3 led to the show’s cancelation.

Reba McEntire’s Sitcom Return Will Be A Big Change After Her Big Sky Role

Reba Played A Much Darker Character In Big SkyReba McEntire looks annoyed in Big Sky with trees in the background

One of the best parts of Big Sky season 3, Reba McEntire impressed audiences with her range. Most well-known for her sitcom personalities, McEntire’s Big Sky character was much darker due to the show’s nature. That said, the musician and actor’s sudden return to the world of network sitcoms creates a bit of a whiplash scenario. Even so, it’s great to see McEntire landing a leading role again in the wake of Big Sky’s cancelation. While the success of Happy’s Place remains to be seen, there’s no denying Reba McEntire’s impressive sitcom track record, making her return to TV even more exciting.

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