Robert De Niro bonds with baby girl over lunch with Leonardo DiCaprio in LA

Leonardo DiCaprio’s father makes surprise valet tip, stuns onlookers.

Robert De Niro shares quality time in Los Angeles.
Robert De Niro shares quality time in Los Angeles.

Robert De Niro, accompanied by his girlfriend Tiffany Chen and their daughter Gia, was spotted indulging in a delightful lunch outing alongside his Killers Of The Flower Moon co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio, this past Sunday.

The trio radiated joy as they departed from the esteemed Nobu Malibu, a culinary hotspot frequented by A-listers such as Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce during the weekend.

Amidst savoring the restaurant’s renowned sushi offerings and ocean vistas, the Hollywood icons were seen relishing each other’s company.

De Niro, a co-founder of the esteemed Nobu restaurant chain, has expanded his culinary ventures, co-establishing an impressive array of 39 restaurants and 13 luxury hotels alongside esteemed partners Nobuyuki ‘Nobu’ Matsuhisa and Meir Teper, as reported by Startup Savant.

Exiting the renowned celebrity hotspot, he and his partner Tiffany Chen were spotted making their way to their vehicle, with Chen carrying their 11-month-old daughter’s stuffed possum.

The couple, who welcomed their first child together in April 2023, secured little Gia in the backseat before departing for home.


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