Robert Downey Jr. Receives the Highest Praise From Jodie Foster Who Believes She Can Never Rise to His Level

Why Jodie Foster loves Robert Downey Jr. the actor?

The year is 2003. Robert Downey Jr. had just undergone a court mandated rehab to come out of his crippling drug addiction. His tryst with addiction had been holding his career growth back for quite some time. Fast forward 21 years. He’s a different man.

The Sherlock Holmes star has gone from strength to strength since then. He has won fans’ hearts. He has won the critics over. Winning an Oscar is the cherry (one which is no smaller than the ice cream) on the top. And all of this has been made possible because of one of his trait that even Jodie Foster had to recognize.

Nothing was hunky dory for Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. has one of the most inspiring stories in Hollywood
Robert Downey Jr. has one of the most inspiring stories in Hollywood. Things were looking down and out for the 59-year-old in the early 2000s. That’s what anyone would expect when you see a young man battling a drug addiction that is getting the better of him.

But his wife, Susan Downey, had other plans. She would famously give the Avengers: Endgame star an ultimatum to mend his ways. And mend he did. There was no turning back for RDJ from that point, with an Oscar marking a new milestone in a remarkable journey. All this was made possible by his wife’ (and his) tenacity.

Not to forget, RDJ’s raw genius.

Robert Downey Jr.’s pure genius couldn’t remain hidden for long

Robert Downey Jr.Robert Downey Jr.’s acting prowess is without equal
That Robert Downey Jr. is a genius is no secret. Over the course of his career, he has made many people aware of his acting prowess. Everyone who has had the fortune of working with him over the years was all praise for his process. Jodie Foster was no different.

The True Detective star have been close friends ever since they worked together on Home for the Holidays. The film was a beacon of light for RDJ in an era that was not so kind upon him. Even Foster told him once that she was scared for what was to follow. But she couldn’t ignore the contribution the Oppenheimer star had made. She even told him,

“Look, I couldn’t be more grateful for what you’ve given in this film.”

Why? Because that is when she realized that he was a genius.

Jodie Foster is all praise for Robert Downey Jr.’s temperament

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster has given Robert Downey Jr. the ultimate praise
Jodie Foster would later go on to say,

“What was so interesting about him then was what a genius he was—there was more creativity in his little finger than I will ever have in my whole life.”

There was an issue though. He lacked “the discipline”. But he is not one to let his flaws fester. The Dolittle star imbibed the trait over time. She continued,

“He was so out there that all of that wonderful talent was kind of just, like, flailing his arms in the water and making a big mess. But it was in there somewhere, right? Because now he is somebody who’s become disciplined almost as a way of surviving.”

No wonder Robert Downey Jr. has come a long way since his early forays and adventures in the industry.

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