Snoop Dogg Brings A Rolled One To Late Mother’s Gravesite In Tribute Post On Her 73rd Birthday

No matter the circumstances, good or bad, Snoop Dogg is going to keep one rolled.

On Monday (April 29), the Hip-Hop icon took to Instagram to tribute his late mother, Beverly Tate, who died in October 2021 from unrevealed causes.

In a post, Snoop shared a photo of him paying her gravesite a visit while holding an unlit joint in his hands, and scrolling through his phone. There’s also a wireless speaker next to him, which could indicate that he was listening to some of his and/or his mother’s favorite songs.

With a simple caption, the 52-year-old chose a rose, blue heart, prayer hands and dove emojis to symbolize what he was feeling at the time. His comment section immediately filled with condolences and stories of those who have recently dealt with their own loss.

Around the time of his mother’s passing three years ago, Snoop, né Calvin Broadus Jr., thanked God for giving him “an angel for a mother.” He also thanked his mother for giving him life, one that went on to beat the odds coming from his native East Long Beach.

Snoop’s mom actually gave him his nickname-turned-stage name, after taking a liking to the iconic Peanuts character Snoopy. “Smile snoopy that’s what U would say when it was time to take a picture,” the multifaceted MC shared.

In another post, the “Gin and Juice” legend wrote, “Mama thank u for having me” underneath a photo of him hugging his mother. His mourning continued as he also posted a clip listening to “Giving Love” by The Voices Of East Harlem in a dark room by himself.

He captioned the post with a broken heart emoji.

Months before his mother’s death, Snoop asked fans to pray for her on social media without disclosing details about her condition.

“I need all my prayer warriors for momma right now please and thank you,” he wrote alongside a photo of Tate wearing a red ensemble.

The father of four also posted a photo of him and his two brothers with the matriarch of their family. “The queen wit her 3 boys. We love u mama,” he wrote.

Snoop’s brother, Bing Worthington (to the left of him above), actually passed earlier this year.

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