Succession Parodied Leonardo DiCaprio’s Freakiest S-x Habit Using Alexander Skarsgård for the Scene

This one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s habits was seemingly parodied in ‘Succession’!

While everyone has some weird stuff that they like, Hollywood stars have literally taken it to the next level with some of their weirdest kinky fetishes. And the Titanic heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio is no exception to this fact either. Besides the fact that he noticeably dates only women aged 25 and younger, this one reported fetish of his serves on an entirely different level.

Leonardo DiCaprio receiving his Oscar for The Revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio
According to reports and claims from some of his ex-lovers, DiCaprio allegedly enjoys “vaping” while getting intimate with someone, and even chooses to wear noise-canceling headphones during the same, literally. In fact, these reports acquired so much fame that they are even presumed to have been parodied through Alexander Skarsgård’s character in Succession!

Leonardo DiCaprio Reportedly Follows a Weird Routine While Having S-x

Leonardo DiCaprio in Killers of the Flower MoonLeonardo DiCaprio in Killers of the Flower Moon

Leonardo DiCaprio may be one of the biggest heartthrobs in Hollywood even at the age of 49, but he is the one who has some of the weirdest habits in all of the entertainment industry as well. Like the strange routine he reportedly follows while having s-x.

As reported by Daily Star, one of the Revenant star’s ex-lover’s best friends alleged the actor of being a “selfish, lazy and downright rude” lover, who “put on headphones,” “started vaping,” and even signaled the woman to “keep going while he just laid back and zoned out.”

Even though the lady was confused to the core because of DiCaprio’s unarguably peculiar actions, she continued to go on, “embarrassed and hoping for things to change.” However, unfortunately for her, he continued to “lie there, listening to MGMT,” with his ‘date’ wondering what was in it for her.

But it isn’t like these are mere reports of speculation: These reports have seemingly been confirmed by none other than Leonardo DiCaprio himself for quite some time now. Or, to be more precise, his actions and stories from his movie sets.

Almost a decade ago in 2014, as was seen in one video from Coachella, the Killers of the Flower Moon star was seen lazily dancing to the rock band MGMT’s music, which is notably the same band that the actor claimed helped him get into the mood (as per Daily Star).

Then there is Margot Robbie‘s confession at The Talk from when she was shooting The Wolf of Wall Street with DiCaprio. According to the Barbie actress, the actor “always carried an e-cigarette with him” which he hid under the pillow while shooting their intimate scenes together (via Daily Star).

Both of these instances only seem to fuel the reports into something that might as well be confirmed to be the truth even though Leonardo DiCaprio has made no comments on it whatsoever.

Did This Weird Habit of Leonardo DiCaprio Inspire Scenes in Succession?

Alexander Skarsgård's character Lucas Mattson in SuccessionAlexander Skarsgård as Lukas Matsson in SuccessionWhile Leonardo DiCaprio indeed follows a rather strange habit and routine while getting intimate with someone as per all these reports and claims, what’s funny is that these alleged habits just may be the source of inspiration for some of Alexander Skarsgård‘s scenes in Succession.

In the satirical comedy four-season TV series that raged from 2018 to 2023 and was the receiver of multiple starstruck Emmys, Skarsgård’s character Lukas Matsson was said to reportedly wear noise-canceling headphones to listen to podcasts while getting intimate with strangers.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed if that part of Alexander Skarsgård’s character Lukas Matsson in Succession was indeed influenced by Leonardo DiCaprio, the similarity between the two of them is inevitably similar, which might also mean Succession parodied DiCaprio’s freakiest s-x habit.

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