Teyana Taylor’s mother clarifies rumors that Teyana and Leonardo DiCaprio are dating

Teyana Taylor and Leonardo DiCaprio were seen together at an pre-Oscars party on Friday (Mar. 8) and immediately, rumors of a romance surfaced. However, Taylor’s mother and manger, Nikki Taylor is shutting all of that down.

According to Loren Lorosa, former senior news producer at TMZ, Nikki told her that Teyana and Leo’s interaction was “100% innocent,” adding, “Leo looks at Teyana like a sister.”

Nikki also reportedly stated, “Because the WME party where they were was super loud. This is why they were so close. They were downstairs on the lower level where it was set up like a disco with a dance floor and loud music. Leo and Teyana are just two costars who ran into each other in the party and were talking. The convo was about food because Teyana brought her own chef to set every day and everyone including Leo had begun only eating from Teyana’s chef.”

The two actors are set to appear in a new film, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, alongside Regina Hall and Sean Penn.

As Teyana continues with her divorce proceedings from Iman Shumpert, she previously called out TMZ over its misleading headlines.

Teyana Taylor TMZ response
“Yo @tmz are you serious????” wrote the A Thousand And One star on Instagram back in January. “Y’all really be taking it too far with these damn misleading headlines and I’m tired of it! Every time I turn around it’s either half leaked and made up stories, or words being twisted up for clickbait!!!! I kindly asked you mothaf%ckas to mind ya damn business, and for y’all to respect me and my family’s privacy […] If you mothaf%ckas gone be in my business b%tch, be in the whole thing. Get actual information and actually comprehend. I can’t stand yall ass3s!!!!”

She’s consistently asked for her privacy to be respected due to the sensitive nature of the divorce especially as it relates to her children.

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