The Pants-Free Movement Is Making A Comeback Ahead Of National No Pants Day, But Didn’t Expect Camila And Matthew McConaughey To Be The Ones Championing It!!!

It’s not unusual for celebrities to step out in looks that shock or confuse the rest of us, and going pants-free has certainly been one style of choice that can lead to some bemused side-eyes. However, as we all prepare for National No Pants Day on Friday, May 3, the pants-free movement is making a comeback, but I really wasn’t expecting Camila and Matthew McConaughey (who’s still not on Yellowstone) to be the ones championing it.

Matthew McConaughey, Camila Alves go pantless for Pantalones tequila

What Did Camila And Matthew McConaughey Do For National No Pants Day?

Aren’t holidays great? It’s always nice to gather with loved ones and celebrate something special, and it just so happens that National No Pants Day is right around the corner. If you’re not so sure about having a fancy dinner with your nearest and dearest while bottomless, never fear! Pantalones Organic Tequila co-founders Camila and Matthew McConaughey (whose meet-cute was over tequila) have another celebratory option. Observe:

See? You can just get some folks together, make a pitcher of Pantalones Pickle Margaritas (or their Bare Bottom Batanga) and, you know, flop bottomless around your pickleball court of choice…which really should be closed to the rest of the public, lest you and your buddies get arrested.

Matthew McConaughey and wife Camila wear NO PANTS on motorcycles for  tequila brand Pantalones: 'The best thing we made with our pants on' |  Daily Mail Online

This is certainly not what I was expecting to see when Kanye West declared 2024 the year of “no pants” with Bianca Censori right after New Year’s. I assumed we’d get additional wild looks from both of them, but also that maybe Gisele Bündchen would go out to dinner pantsless again, or possibly for Halle Berry to do some additional pants free celebrating. But, it never occurred to me that the McConaugheys would be so into the pants free life. By the way, if you didn’t get a good enough look at the pickleball enthusiasts as they played their sport of choice, they stopped to pose for a picture so we can all really take them in:

matthew mcconaughey and camila mcconaughey in an ad for pantalones organic tequila

Wow. Those two are really giving this their all, aren’t they? The couple (who’ve been together for nearly 18 years, married in 2012 and then moved their family to Austin, Texas two years later) launched their tequila brand in late October 2023, and are clearly quite cheeky when it comes to making sure we pay attention to it.

It’s quite obvious now that I wasn’t expecting this from the duo only because I haven’t been aware enough of the world around me. When you name your tequila brand “pantalones” (which is Spanish for “pants”), you don’t simply…wear pants all the time. What fun would that be?! Nooooo, sir. You do as many things as possible without pants, my friends! Like laundry:

matthew mcconaughey and camila mcconaughey in an ad for pantalones organic tequila

I gotta say, as someone who’s been living the no pants life since 2020 (we all know why), I absolutely love this for them. Can’t wait to see these guys go pants free on the red carpet!

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