‘The Voice’ judge Chance the Rapper regrets not hearing contestant’s ‘range’

Why was RLETTO eliminated? ‘The Voice’ judge Chance the Rapper regrets not hearing contestant’s ‘range’© Provided by Meaww

Why was RLETTO eliminated? ‘The Voice’ judge Chance the Rapper regrets not hearing contestant’s ‘range’

UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIFORNIA: Chance the Rapper and Meghan Trainor collaborated with RLETTO on Chance’s own song with Justin Bieber, ‘Holy.’ Despite receiving accolades from practically all of ‘The Voice’ coaches, his time on the NBC show was brief.

Meghan enjoyed all of his riffs, but she asked him to keep one phrase the same. Chance, on the other hand, stated that they did not get to hear the whole spectrum of RLETTO’s repertoire, but he is still pleased with his performance.

He said, “You have amazing stage presence. You got everybody involved. The way you directed the background vocalists was awesome. I just wish we got to really feel your range. But you are an amazing performer and you’ve given some amazing moments to the show this season, so it’s something I got to think long about.”

‘The Voice’ Season 25 coach Chance the Rapper eliminates RLETTO ahead of Live Shows (Facebook/itsrletto/NBC)© Provided by Meaww

‘The Voice’ Season 25 coaches claim RLETTO exudes ‘star power’

John Legend liked the song because it seemed “comfortable” to him. He also complimented him on his outfit.

Reba McEntire said, “Great performance; way to go.”

While Dan Smyers praised the “warmth and richness” of his tone, which “exudes star power,” Shay Mooney stated that he deserves to be in their lives.

‘The Voice’ Season 25 contestant Rletto impressed coaches with his Playoffs performance (YouTube/The Voice)© Provided by Meaww

Who is in Team Chance for ‘The Voice’ Season 25 Live Shows?

To find out which three of Team Chance would advance to the live performances, Carson Daly called them out first. Chance made the choice to retain Maddi Jane, Nadège Moss, and Serenity Arce.

Maddi Jane, Nadège, and Serenity Arce from Team Chance advanced to ‘The Voice’ Season 25 Live Shows (NBC)© Provided by Meaww

Who is RLETTO in ‘The Voice’ Season 25?

In an artist development workshop, RLETTO combined the initial letter of his name with his last name, adding an “O” at the end to make the name easier to pronounce. This became his stage name. Early in high school, RLETTO participated in band, chorus, and drama.

He then went on auditions at Berklee College of Music, where he was accepted on scholarship and awarded 75% of the cost of his four-year education. He began scheduling big music festivals, filming music videos, and recording sessions as soon as he graduated in an effort to make a reputation for himself while accumulating money for a transfer to Los Angeles.

RLETTO has been in Los Angeles since 2022 and has had the privilege of assisting MTV Push, Cardi B, Lil Nas X, BET, and other celebrities as a talent assistant. RLETTO is thrilled to contribute to ‘The Voice’ after discovering his passion for fusing singing with catchy rap.

‘The Voice’ Season 25 singer Rletto (Instagram/@its_rletto)© Provided by Meaww

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