‘The Voice’ Winner Huntley Shares Video of His 3-Year-Old Son Singing “His Heart Out” While Playing Guitar

Besides winning Season 24 of The Voice, Huntley is also a loving father who enjoys nothing more than spending time with his family. Throughout The Voice, the singer continuously received praise from coaches like Reba McEntire and Niall Horan. While proving to have the style and power to be a top star in music, it seems that his talents run in the family as the singer recorded his son showcasing his musical chops.

Who Won 'The Voice'? All About Season 24 Champion Huntley

Sharing a video on New Year’s Eve, Huntley filmed his 3-year-old son as he strummed on his guitar and shared his song with the world. The singer wished his son a “Happy Birthday”, adding, “I love this boy so much. It’s insane to watch this now 3-year-old go grab his guitar and sing his heart out lol Music fills this boy inside and out.”

While gaining thousands of likes, Huntley also has a 6-year-old daughter named Stella. Back before the singer found himself in the final two, he hoped for nothing more than for one coach to notice him. During the blind auditions, all four coaches praised his cover of Black Crowe’s “She Talks to Angels.” At the time, Reba said, “Your voice is incredible. When I first listened to you, I heard Chris Stapleton in there… That’s a huge compliment to you there.”

Huntley Wanted To Create A “Moment”

Huntley Wins 'The Voice' Season 24: What to Know About the Singer | Us Weekly

Huntley even received praise from Horan. “So much power, and the control you have, it’s so beautiful to listen to. You made us feel, and that’s a really important thing.” With all the judges on his side, the singer needed a little help. And that help came in the form of Stella. Bringing her on stage with him, his daughter ultimately decided to go with Team Niall. While a simple decision for a child, it set her father to become the next winner of The Voice.

Discussing his time on The Voice, Huntley admitted to wanting to create a “moment” more than win. “I think, for me, winning The Voice wasn’t really my goal. Every time I went out there, my goal — every single time — was to create a moment. Because I never genuinely thought that I was going to win The Voice. I just wanted to create a resume to show exactly who I was.”

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