‘The Voice’ Winner Huntley Sings Hozier Tune For Friend Going Through a Rough Time

Huntley knows the healing powers of music. It’s what The Voice season 24 champion relied on when he was sleeping on a park bench. And it’s what lifted the Virginia blues-rocker out of that valley when he took home the $100,000 cash prize and record deal with Universal Music Group. Recently, Huntley shared his powerful vocals with a person currently having a hard time.

Huntley Channels Hozier

The 34-year-old singer-songwriter posted a video to his Instagram account Wednesday (April 24.) In the video, he sits on the floor of his Fredericksburg home, guitar in hand, singing the words to Hozier’s No. 1 hit, “Too Sweet.”

The Voice' Winner Huntley Sings Hozier Tune For Friend Going Through a Rough  Time - American Songwriter

“When life gets confusing music will always be my safe place,” Huntley wrote in the caption. “Someone messaged me today that’s going through a really rough time and request I sing this for them. Hope this was enough my friend.”
It’s clearly a beautiful spring day in Fredericksburg, with the sunlight streaming through Huntley’s window. However, the Florida native’s voice sounds like rain hitting a tin roof. I take my whiskey neat / My coffee black and my bed at three / You’re too sweet for me.

Watch The Voice Winner Huntley Croon "Open the Eyes of My Heart" | NBC  Insider

Taking requests from a struggling supporter is fairly on brand for Huntley. Since winning The Voice in December, he has performed for fans experiencing homelessness in his hometown. He also has encouraged elementary school students to “find out what you love” and “follow those dreams.”

Fans Are Hungry For An Album

Upon winning The Voice, Huntley announced plans to take a step back and reconnect with his family. But the father of two has teased new music, previously sharing a mournful original tune seemingly titled “Tell Me When It’s Over.”

The track definitely whet fans’ appetites, and many took to the comments of Huntley’s latest post to express their desire for more. “I love your voice! You slayed with the high notes on this one!” one Instagram user wrote. “I cannot wait for your album! I could listen to you for hours and still want more!”

Another fan wrote, “really need ur album so i can play it when i need ur sound. these snippets just dont cut it…please. please cut ur album soon!!!!”


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