Titanic cast then and now

Titanic cast then and now: From Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kathy Bates, the stars of iconic film that was released 25 years ago and has raked more than £1.8billion at the box office.

Over 25 years after its release Titanic is still considered one of most romantic and sorrowful films.

Following the film’s release, the tragic ending has been subject to debate with many devastated that the loveable Jack Dawson dies.

Years later, people are still questioning the scene’s legitimacy, but director James Cameron backs up his decision as an ‘artistic choice’.

However, the 1997 tearjerker received much critical acclaim at the time and is still loved today, likely due to the convincing performances of the cast.

Following the success of the movie, the two leads Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio continued their successful film careers, but where are the rest of the cast? Read on to find out.

Kate Winslet – Rose DeWitt Bukater

Kate Winslet has received six Oscar nominations and won the award in 2008She continues to thank Titanic co-star Leonardo DiCaprio for his continued support over the years

Kate Winslet has become one of the most respected actresses in Hollywood following the success of Titanic

Kate Winslet plays the passionate and rebellious protagonist in the 1997 movie, and coins one of the most iconic movie phrases ‘draw me like one of your French girls’ in a standout scene where Jack creates a nude portrait of her.

The pair maintain intense chemistry on and off stage and Winslet continues to thank her co-star DiCaprio for his consistent support over the years.

Since Titanic’s release, Winslet has become one of the most respected Hollywood actresses and has not been left long without a new standout role to pursue.

With five nominations under her belt at the time, Winslet won an Oscar for The Reader in 2008. She has been nominated for one more since and several Golden Globes including Mare of Easttown in 2022, 2016 for Steve Jobs and for Midlred Peers in 2009.

Winslet is married and has three children with businessman Edward Abel Smith, though her Titanic days may seem far behind, Winslet still holds for the breakout role and had her leading co-star walk her down the aisle.

Leonardo DiCaprio – Jack Dawson

The successful actor has received four Oscar nominationsDiCaprio finally received an Oscar in 2016 for The Revenant

After playing the loveable Jack Dawson in Titanic, DiCaprio’s his career fast tracked and has not slowed since

Before the success of Titanic, Leonardo Di Caprio had some standout roles to his name and had appeared alongside Johnny Depp in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, 1993 and Claire Daines in Romeo and Juliet, 1996.

His role as the loveable and caring Jack Dawson propelled him to new heights and his career has not slowed down since.

After appearing in so many notable films such as The Wolf of Wall Street, 2013, Catch Me If You Can, 2002 and receiving four Oscar nominations, his wait to receive an Academy Award became a long-standing joke.

The actor finally won his Oscar for The Revenant in 2016, with his co-star Winslet cheering on his success at the ceremony.

Since then, Dicaprio played a lead role in the star-studded Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, 2019 and Don’t Look Up, 2021.

The actor has most recently featured in Scorsese’s 2023 crime drama Killers of the Flower Moon.

Alongside his busy film career, DiCaprio is a vocal activist for taking action against climate change and has spoken on the subject at the United Nations.

Billy Zane – Caledon Hockley

Zane's role as Rose's fiance propelled him to new heightsThe actor is an expressionist painter off screen

Zane has had a successful acting career and has embraced the world of Television featuring in Charmed and Mad Dogs

Zane starred as Rose’s filthy-rich fiancé in Titanic, but the expressionist painter isn’t as evil off-screen.

The actor has continued his career and has appeared on big film projects from Sniper to Zoolander.

Zane has embraced the world of Television and has appeared in Charmed, Mad Dogs, The Boys and MacGruber.

The actor was previously married to Lisa Collins, before the pair split in 1995. After that he had various relationships and started dating Candice Neil in 2011.

The two welcomed a daughter in 2014 but announced their split in 2022.

Kathy Bates – Molly Brown

Kathy Bates received on Oscar before her Titanic roleBates' most recent role is alongside Rachel McAdams in Are You There God? It's Me Margaret

Kathy Bates has had a successful film and Television career, despite experiencing health issues in 2012

Kathy Bates already had an Oscar under her belt with Misery in 1991 and continued her screen success after the film wrapped.

Bates took to Television and has featured in Harry’s Law, The Office, Feud and Disjointed. Her recurring roles in Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story gained her much popularity.

The actor has battled some health issues and was diagnosed with ovarian and breast cancer in 2012, Bates underwent surgery and survived.

Frances Fisher – Ruth DeWitt Bukater

Frances Fisher has appeared in a number of successful films such as AwakeFisher played Rose's mother in Titanic

Aside from her acting career, Fisher is a political activist and supported Bernie Sanders’ first presidential campaign

Since playing Rose’s mother in Titanic, Frances Fisher has been working on screen in Laws of Attraction, Jolene, Awake and Woman in Gold.

Together with Clint Eastwood, the actor welcomed a daughter in 1993, the pair appeared in an episode of Fargo together playing older and younger versions of each other.

Since then, the actress has appeared in episodes of Watchmen, and The Sinner.

Fisher is also a political activist and supported Bernie Sanders’ first presidential campaign and joined in protest at the 2023 writers strikes in New York.

Bill Paxton – Brock Lovett

Bill Paxton was a well known actor before his role in TitanicPaxton has appeared in Aliens, Terminator and Apollo 13

Bill Paxton had a successful acting career before dying from heart surgery complications in 2017

Paxton had appeared in Aliens, Terminator, Twister and Apollo 13 before his role in Titanic, making him an already well known actor.

Following his supporting role in the movie, he continued to appear in big-hitters such as Mighty Joe Young and The Edge of Tomorrow.

He also ventured into TV roles starring in the HBO series Big Love about a polygamist family in Utah.

Unfortunately, the actor died in February 2017 after facing complications during heart surgery.

Gloria Stuart – Old Rose

Gloria Stuart's acting career peaked in the 1930s but the actress was working until the 90sThe actress died at the age of 100 in 2010

Gloria Stuart received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role as older Rose – she was the oldest ever person to receive one at the time

Gloria Stuart throwing the heart of the ocean necklace into the scene is perhaps one of the most talked about moments in the film.

Her performance as an Older Rose earned an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress at 87 years old, making her the oldest-ever acting nominee until 2018 when Christopher Plummer was nominated at 88 for

Thought the peak of her career happened before Titanic’s success, in the 1930s, Stuart worked into her 90s in films like The Million Dollar Hotel

Her last role was in 2004 in the film the Land of Plenty, the actress died of respiratory failure in 2010 at the age of 100.

Victor Garber – Thomas Andrews

Victor Garber has been nominated for six Emmy awards and does theatre workThe actor is the godfather to Jennifer Garner's eldest child

Victor Garber does not restrict himself to any role and has appeared in numerous films and TV shows as well as dabbling in theatre

Victor Garber does not restrict himself to any role, he has appeared in just about everything from Legally Blonde, Tuck Everlasting, Milk, Argo, Sicario to TV roles such as Legends of Tomorrow, Web Therapy, the Orville and Family Law.

The actor has been nominated for six Emmy Awards and also does theatre work, last returning to the stage in 2019 in Hello, Dolly!

He is a close friend of actress Jennifer Garner after starring alongside her in Alias and is the godfather of her eldest child.

Danny Nucci – Fabrizio

Danny Nucci played Jack's best friend on TitanicAfter his small role he has had a steady career in Television

Following his supporting role as Jack’s best friend in Titanic, Danny Nucci has had a steady Television career

After playing Jack’s best friend in Titanic, Nucci has worked frequently in Television.

He has featured in NCIS, CSI, Arrow and Castle and had a recurring role from 2013 to 2018 in the Freeform series the Fosters.

The actor has been married to Paula Marshall since 2003, Nucci also has a child from a previous marriage.

David Warner – Spicer Lovejoy

David Warner played the ever so serious Lovejoy in TitanicThe actor died in July 2022

Following the success of Titanic appeared in films including Planet of the Apes and Mary Poppins Returns, which was his final role before his death in 2022

Warner played the arrogant and suspicious character Lovejoy (though never once smiled on screen).

Following his role in Titanic, he appeared in films including Planet of the Apes, Black Death and Mary Poppins Returns, which was his final role.

Warner died in July 2022 at the age of 80 from lung-cancer related illness.

Suzy Amis – Lizzy Calvert

Suzy Amis played Rose's daughter in the 1998 filmThe former actress quick acting entirely in 1998

Suzy Amis quit acting in 1998 and is now married to director James Cameron who she met on set

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Suzy Amis played Rose’s daughter in the supporting Titanic role, which was one of her last acting jobs before quitting completely in 1998.

However she still mixes with Hollywood stars and has been married to director James Cameron since 2000, who she met on set.

The former actress is now an activist, focusing on sustainable fashion and Food Task Force which aims to reduce meat consumption.

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