Tobey Maguire Is The Best Spider-Man, Give Him One Last Sequel

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When it comes to Spider-Man news, everyone is understandably talking about Tom Holland and what might be happening with his version of a Spider-Man 4. I don’t fault Marvel at all for looking at the future. However, if there is one lesson we learned from Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans still crave a lot of closure for the other versions of Spider-Man. And let’s be honest, Tobey Maguire was one of the best parts of No Way Home and deserves one more solo movie as Spider-Man to give him the sendoff he deserves.

Tobey Maguire’s Human Side

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Nothing against Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, but Marvel seems reluctant to explore the more human elements of Spider-Man in this iteration of his character.

Peter Parker has infamously had some devastating experiences in the comics. Only the Tobey Maguire version of Spider-Man has shown that on screen.

The Spider-Man Struggle


Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man was less focused on silly one-liners and more on the genuine struggle of this young man trying to enjoy life while simultaneously feeling responsible for safeguarding an entire city.

We saw Peter truly struggle with holding down a decent job, making time to show he was committed to Mary Jane, and caring for his elderly Aunt May. The Sam Raimi trilogy showed the sacrifice it takes on Peter’s normal life for him to help others as Spider-Man.

The guy gave up a lot throughout those movies and you genuinely felt for him.

Spider-Man 2 The Best Of The Bunch

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Plus, regardless of which actor’s portrayal of Spider-Man you like the best, you can’t deny that Spider-Man 2 remains the best live-action Spider-Man film to date.

This was when Tobey Maguire truly came into his own as Spider-Man and had a worthy adversary in both the terrifying yet sympathetic Doctor Octopus. And the biggest tragedy is that instead of building on that momentum, studio interference gave us the infamous Spider-Man 3 that made the character get rebooted in the first place.

If not for that, Maguire might have remained the only Spider-Man to date with many more movies.

Returned In Spider-Man: No Way Home

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And Tobey Maguire proved he still has what it takes to do well in the role in his part in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

But we have to accept facts, Maguire is also closing in on 50-years-old. If we are going to see him reprise the role for one last big movie, time is ticking. And it would be a travesty to let Maguire’s legacy as the lead character end with Spider-Man 3. He deserves better than that.

Spider-Man 4?

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A Sam Raimi version of Spider-Man 4 would also be a great opportunity to explore new ground. We have seen teenage Peter plenty of times now. Having Tobey Maguire return to play an older version of Spider-Man would be something new and fresh.

And with how excited everyone was for No Way Home, it’s hard to picture that audiences would not show up to make a Maguire version of Spider-Man 4 a financial success.

Bring Tobey Maguire Back

I have nothing against Tom Holland getting the next Spider-Man movie, but after that, it’s time to let Sam Raimi close out his version of the character. Let Tobey Maguire have one last run as Spider-Man to give us all closure.

We want to know what is going on with his version of Mary Jane, what other villains are showing up in his universe, and see him be the hero one more time.

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