Tombstone Remake: Is there a 2024 reboot with Matthew McConaughey?

After seeing rumors online, some fans are wondering if a 2024 remake of Tombstone with Matthew McConaughey is happening. Here is everything you need to know.

Is a new Tombstone movie remake coming out?
No, a new Tombstone movie remake is not coming out.

A new Tombstone movie is not happening. These rumors started due to posters and a synopsis from the Facebook user YODA BBY BBY, who has generated fake movie news in the past.

The Facebook user YODA BBY BB recently took to the social media platform to put up a new fake poster. It teased a new Tombstone remake starring Matthew McConaughey and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Alongside the poster, the user put the fake synopsis that reads:

“In the gritty heart of the Wild West, ‘TOMBSTONE,’ starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Matthew McConaughey, Josh Brolin, and Tom Hardy, explodes onto screens in August 2024, reigniting the legendary tale of brotherhood, justice, and the fight against lawlessness.”

The fake Tombstone remake synopsis continues:

“Witness as these titans of the frontier band together, with McConaughey’s Doc Holliday and Morgan’s Wyatt Earp leading the charge in a high-stakes battle for the soul of the West. Brace yourself for a breathtaking journey of valor, vengeance, and the indomitable spirit of the Old West, in a film that promises to redefine the Western genre for a new generation.”

This is not the first time that fake news of a Tombstone movie remake has been seen online. As per The Direct, in 2023 there was a similar situation where a fake poster and caption hit the web. These claimed that Jamie Foxx and Will Smith would star in a remake.

Is a Tombstone remake starring Matthew McConaughey in production?
No, a Tombstone remake starring Matthew McConaughey is not in production.

However, this would not be such an unusual casting for fans. According to The Hollywood Reporter, McConaughey is confirmed to star in a new spin-off of the hit series Yellowstone.

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