Travis Kelce has seen the Punk’d episode with Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber

The Kelce brothers had comedian Andrew Santino on their podcast, and he explained how the sketch landed.

Travis Kelce doesn’t share much about his relationship with Taylor Swift on his New Heights podcast he hosts with his brother, Jason.

However, having comedian and former Punk’d writer Andrew Santino on as a guest got him to open up. In response to a write-in question, Santino discussed how Justin Bieber pranked Swift on the show in a sketch Travis said was “so good.”

In the sketch, written by Santino, Bieber tricked Swift into thinking she’d accidentally set off a firework he’d brought back from Japan. The fireworks rocketed off his Malibu deck and hit a boat where a wedding was taking place.

“I was the groom, and we were dinghy-ed to shore with our boat on fire, and we blamed her for ruining our wedding,” Santino explained. Of course, since it was Punk’d, things continued to spiral. The wife decided this was maybe a sign that she should just call off the wedding.

Travis Kelce on 'New Heights' youtube channel, Taylor Swift & Justin Bieber Ruin A Wedding | Punk'd

Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber.NEW HEIGHTS/YOUTUBE; MTV UK/YOUTUBE

While Travis had seen the sketch, he still laughed through the whole story as Santino asserted it was one of the Punk’d sketches where the prank landed perfectly. “You can ask her the truth, but she bought it. I know she bought it,” Santino said.

“I gotta ask Tay about that one,” Travis responded.

“Some of the bits were so wild they didn’t work,” Santino elaborated. “But hers was specifically great because there were so many pieces that came together. They don’t always come together like that.”

For her part, Swift never planned revenge for the season-opening prank. “No, I’m not gonna do that to somebody! I love Justin,” Swift told CMT in 2012. “I would never do that to him, and I’m not really that girl that’s like, ‘I’m gonna get him! I’m gonna get him back!’… Like, he’d figure it out, then turn the tables on me, and then it would be Justin: two, Taylor: zero.”

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