True Detective Night Country Season 4 Episode 3 Recap and Review: What Does Anders Tell Navarro?

The article recaps True Detective Night Country season 4 episode 3.

The True Detective Night Country episode “Part 3” is another solid and suspenseful outing, using flashback sequences to unveil twists at almost every turn. The episode kicks off when Navarro encounters Annie, the haunting victim tied to her and Danvers for years. Navarro, still with the APD, tracks down Annie, who has an arrest warrant. In response, Navarro draws her gun.

Annie promptly places her hands behind her head, sporting bloody gloves, while screams emanate from the back of the building. As it turns out, Annie is a midwife, and Navarro has located her at a clinic. Annie informs the officer that she needs a minute because a baby is on the way. Navarro steps in to assist, and despite initial concerns about the child’s breathing, she eventually regains.

You’ll also notice the markings on Annie’s chin. Danvers’s Daughter had the same, which upset her in the last episode. It may not be that Danvers was made about her daughter trying to learn about her heritage. Could it be that Danvers is worried her daughter will be killed, just like Annie? This sets up an episode that explores why Navarro and Danvers had a falling out.

True Detective Night Country (2023)

Max’s True Detective Night Country Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: Who is William Wheeler?
Wheeler was a lifelong criminal who spent multiple stints in prison. He committed assault, sexual assault, armed robbery, and domestic battery. He took up with a young girl, eighteen, and began to beat her. The girl went to the hospital a couple dozen times. However, Wheeler was never arrested because there was always some excuse for how she was clumsy and would trip and fall.

Danvers (Jodie Foster) explains that was their last case together. They got a call to go to Wheeler’s home. When they arrive, Danvers tells Pete — who asked his boss why they had a fallout — Wheeler killed the woman and then shot himself. However, while Danvers tells the story, we see a flashback image. They have their guns drawn. The wheel is sitting slumped in a chair.

His girlfriend is lying dead on the floor. Then, he turns his head and smiles at Navarro and Danvers maniacally. He begins to whistle a haunting tune. Is Danvers lying to Pete? Is this a case of seeing someone dead still alive? Either way, Danvers tells Pete that Navarro left her command because she couldn’t get over it.

Why did Hank Prior hold back information on Annie’s murder?
We don’t know right away why Hank never told Navarro or Danvers key information about Annie’s murder. It turns out Annie knew Clark, the only missing researcher from Tslalal. They found a picture of them together stuck in some files. A local woman who did Annie’s hair told Hank about it but never told the lead investigators. Navarro is furious. He confronts Hank at the ice rink.

He tells Navarro that Annie was banging half the men in town. Was he supposed to log every crazy call? Danvers steps in and tells Navarro to back off, and Hank says he’s getting a write-up. Hank then says he will file a complaint because Danvers did a Mrs. Robinson with Pete. She throws water in his face. Hank leaves. Then Navarro. Pete then asks Danvers, “Who is Mrs. Robinson?”

Navarro seeks more information about a man named Oliver, who left Tsalal before Annie’s death. She asks Vince, but he says he only tells him something about herself. She tells him her mom left them when she and her sister were kids. By “left,” Navarro means she was murdered. Later, Navarro receives a call. Her sister left the behavioral facility. She finds her near the site of the mother’s murder.

True Detective Night Country (2023)


True Detective Night Country’s Season 4 Episode 3 Ending Explained: What Does Anders Tell Navarro?
Anders tells Navarro, “Evangeline, your mother says hello”.” He then passes out and dies. They came to the hospital because Anders, the researcher who survived, was awake. The gang green is setting in, and they don’t have much time. Amid all his screaming, he mutters about running from a woman who came for them on the ice.

That’s when a fight breaks out in the hospital. Danvers leaves the room. Navarro is about to when Anders calmly sits up and says the line about Navarro’s mom. I read this in Navarro’s head, like others who live under 24/7 darkness in Alaska, because they see things. Anders dies, and staff, including Danvers, run into the room.

We should also mention Oliver’s character. They locate Oliver, who is staying in a non-documented Inuit village. He held Navarro and Danvers at gunpoint. He was not aware of the scientist’s murders. He becomes frightened and irrational, and he orders them to leave, brandishing his weapon.

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