True Detective season 4 called out by fans for being connected to Matthew McConaughey

Fans Criticize HBO’s ‘True Detective’ Season 4 For Trying Too Hard After It Fails To Live Up To Matthew McConaughey’s Season 1 Story.

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson starrer season 1 of True Detective was an absolute hit among the fans of the crime-horror-thriller genre. Not only did the show have a compelling narrative and storyline, but its distinct atmosphere with exceptional performance from its cast was enough to make it one of the best-liked seasons in the anthology series.

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in True Detective (2014). Credit: HBO

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in True Detective (2014). Credit: HBO
When the season 4 of the series, starring Jodie Foster and Kali Reis as the lead was to be released, there were rumors that the newest season would be going back to its roots to season one. While it was surprisingly related to season 1, fans have been busy criticizing the show for failing to live up to McConaughey starrer season 1 story.

True Detective S4 Gets Criticized For Trying Too Hard By Making Connection With S1

True Detective: Night Country (2024)

True Detective: Night Country (2024)
An anthology series with each season featuring a self-contained narrative, fans of True Detective have long loved how each season being a crime-drama thriller has had a different cast and a different storyline. Although connected in theme and genre, the show’s ‘unconnectedness’ has been the reason the show has gained such traction over the years.

However, this has all changed seeing how True Detective: Night Country connected itself to Matthew McConaughey‘s season one story, which remains the best season so far. Without giving the spoilers away, season 4 has many ties with the pilot season including being set up in Alaska (see The Ringer and The Wrap).

Even McConaughey’s father is mentioned and the family at the heart of the conspiracy in season one, the Tuttle family is mentioned. Yet despite these subtle nods and callback to the pilot season, True Detective: Night Country has failed to live up to its predecessor, instead it has been called out by fans for being a basket full of easter eggs with no substance (see Reddit).

Even before it was released, the rumor of it being tied to McConaughey’s story was taken negatively by fans, many of whom were hoping the show would continue being an anthology instead of going back to where it started (see Reddit).

Fans Criticize True Detective: Night Country For its Connection with S1

A still from True Detective: Night Country (2024)

A still from True Detective: Night Country (2024)
True Detective: Night Country has fared extraordinarily well when it comes to critical reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, the Jodie Foster starrer show currently holds an impressive 91% rating while it has an audience rating of 61%. Furthermore, it broke the anthology series’ record by becoming the most-watched season of all (via Deadline).

Yet fans have not been kind to the show, criticizing it for its connection to season one that they reckon makes no sense at all. After the season finale, this is how many fans on X reacted,

Despite the controversy and the mixed reactions of the audience, there is no doubt that the show was a success in every other sense.

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