True Detective Season 4 Star Kali Reis Has the Highest Praise for Jodie Foster as Actress Makes Epic Comeback to TV

Kali Reis talked about working with Jodie Foster in the HBO anthology series, ‘True Detective’.

Jodie Foster brings back her veteran talent with a new role, Liz Danvers in the fourth season of the HBO crime drama series, True Detective. Assisting her on-screen is wrestler turned actress, Kali Reis as Evangeline Navarro with the story following the duo attempting to solve a mysterious case behind the disappearance of eight men from a research station in Ennis, Alaska.

True Detective Night Country (2023)

Given that Foster has made an epic comeback with the anthology series, Reis shared her opinions on working with the veteran actress.

Kali Reis Talks About Working With Jodie Foster in True Detective

True Detective Night Country (2023)

Kali Reis who plays Foster’s sidekick, Evangeline Navarro, in the new season of True Detective: Night Country talked about working with her senior co-star in an interview with Variety. She acknowledged Jodie Foster‘s talent as a mentor sharing,

“It was like being at a training camp with Mike Tyson in ’86, in his prime.”

Reis further praised her co-star stating,

“She’s a legend in the game. She’s so intelligent, so collaborative, supportive, She had a directorial eyes. She had her actor eye and she was just such a great partner to work with.”

She has high regard for the Nyad actress’s talent as she found a friend and mentor in her co-star.

“Her art and her work speaks for itself but she’s just an amazing person. I went in having this goal, wanting to tell the story, but I left with a friend and such a mentor.”

The lead actress is also executively producing the series which is quite a big deal given that it marks her first major TV role as an adult since 1975. She has worked on the small screen, including Gunsmoke, as a child. While her young co-star is ready to seep into her guidance as a veteran in the industry, the actress has acknowledged her part.

Jodie Foster Accepted Her Mentor Position for New Generation Talents

Jodie Foster in The Silence of the Lambs

In the same interview, the actress talked about acknowledging the responsibilities that befall her shoulders to nurture the new talent coming up in the entertainment world.

As a seasoned actress, she stated,

“The part they don’t tell you when you turn 60 is that it’s so much fun because it’s not your time anymore. It’s someone else’s time, and the best part of getting older is realizing that you actually have something to give back.”

She understands her position in the industry stating,

“You have something to contribute, to help support other people’s performances, and to help spur other voices that haven’t been heard before.”

While the first episode has already been premiered meanwhile the second episode is set to stream on January 21st, 2024. The series is available to watch with a subscription to Max.

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