True Detective Season 5: Confirmation & Everything We Know

After its landmark 4th season, Night Country, broke the mold, True Detective is returning for season 5 with Issa López returning as showrunner.

The gritty and engaging crime series True Detective has enraptured audiences through its first four seasons thus far, and now the award-winning anthology is returning for season 5. Debuting in 2014 and developed for the small screen by Nic Pizzolatto, True Detective tells a different story each season and usually explores the dark relationship between law enforcement officers and the most soul-shaking cases imaginable. With its mix of Southern Gothic imagery and existential tone, True Detective reinvented the wheel when it came to the anthology crime genre.

Though the second season of True Detective is seen as a bit of a stumble, subsequent outings have continued to live up to the unforgettable debut season. The fourth season, subtitled Night Country left the muggy environs of the American South in favor of the freezing cold of Alaska, and also refocused itself on female characters for the first time in the largely male-dominated genre. Initial critical reactions to True Detective season 4 have been overwhelmingly positive, but it was the positive viewership numbers that ultimately decided the fate of season 5.

True Detective Season 5 Latest News

Season 5 Is Confirmed

Kali Reis as Navarro, Jodie Foster as Danvers, and Owen McDonnell as Raymond Clark in True Detective: Night Country
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Just a few weeks after the fourth season went off the air, the latest update sees True Detective renewed for a fifth season on HBO. On top of the guarantee that the award-winning crime anthology series would return after Night CountryHBO also confirmed that showrunner Issa López would be back to helm the fifth season as well. López’ influence is largely seen as the reason for Night Country‘s brilliant reinvention of the series, and season 5 is expected to continue that trend with López in charge.

True Detective Season 5 Is Confirmed

The Anthology Crime Series Continues

Matthew McConaughey as Detective Rust Cohle and Woody Harrelson as Detective Marty Hart from True Detective Season 1
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All 4 True Detective seasons so far have come at a leisurely pace compared to most other shows, but that has helped the series maintain its high level of quality. With that in mind, it makes sense that HBO waited a while before renewing True Detective for a fifth season. The tremendous success that was Night Country gave the anthology series a shot in the arm, and the renewal suggests season 5 will do the same.

True Detective Season 5 Cast

It Will Likely Be An All-New Ensemble

Kali Reis as Navarro and Jodie Foster as Danvers staring into the ice in a True Detective season 4 promo

Until more news is revealed about True Detective season 5, any information about the cast is pure speculation, but a few certainties can be gleaned from the past. First, it is almost a given that none of the cast members from season 4 will appear, since True Detective has always been a pure anthology story with a fresh ensemble each time. Night Country star Jody Foster addressed her True Detective return and completely ruled out that possibility. When asked about season 5, Foster said “it’s an anthologyIt’s one and done.”

The other certainty is that the cast of season 5 will be star-studded since every season has cast big names in nearly every role. However, since season 4 marked a departure, season 5 could also take risks with casting that no previous season has attempted.

True Detective Season 5 Story

What Might Happen In Season 5?

Colin Farrell in True Detective season 2

Much like the cast, the story of True Detective season 5 is a total unknown, but it will probably check a few boxes. The season will likely follow law enforcement officers as they tackle a case in a remote location that tests their resolve and challenges their worldview. The existential nature of True Detective is one of its strongest aspects, and season 5 will almost certainly continue the tone of dread and internal strife that makes it must-watch TV. No matter where the case takes place, season 5 will explore the dark heart of man first and foremost.

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