True Detective Season 5 Seems Inevitable After Night Country’s Streaming Success

True Detective: Night Country has seen streaming wins for multiple weeks, and that makes season 5 of HBO’s crime series seem inevitable.

Prior to True Detective: Night Country, it seemed as though the HBO show’s run was over — but now, season 5 seems inevitable after the latest outing’s streaming success. Night Country brought new episodes of True Detective to the small screen after five years off the air, and it’s reminding viewers why the show took off back in 2014. Jodie Foster and Kali Reis are portraying the perfect Rust and Marty replacements, and Night Country’s Alaskan setting is giving an atmospheric backdrop to the fourth season’s eerie mystery.

With its well-written leads, all the bizarre questions surrounding what happened to the researchers, and the promise of many shocking reveals, Night Country is shaping up to be as thrilling as Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson’s first adventure. Despite no news about the future of the HBO show, another outing looks likely. That’s especially true after its recent streaming win, which True Detective could even top in the coming weeks.

True Detective Season 5 Seems Like A No-Brainer After Night Country’s Streaming Win

Jodie Foster as Chief Liz Danvers and Kali Reis as Trooper Evangeline Navarro in True Detective: Night Country

After three episodes, the viewership numbers for True Detective are growing, suggesting the latest installments have reignited interest in the HBO series. Per VarietyTrue Detective season 4 has experienced an increase in viewership for two weeks in a row, with episode 3 seeing a 5% boost to 2.7 million viewers. This is particularly impressive with the series airing on Sunday nights, as episode 3 had the NFC championship game to compete with.

In spite of this, it seems people are eager to tune in for Night Country‘s latest installments. And that trajectory is likely to continue as Danvers and Navarro get closer to cracking the case. If True Detective: Night Country continues to have streaming wins, season 5 seems like a no-brainer for HBO. After all, these numbers are great for the network — and there’s no reason it wouldn’t continue capitalizing on a successful franchise.

Why Night Country Bodes Well For The Future Of The HBO Show

Nevarro, Pete, and Danvers looking at a phone in True Detective Night Country episode 3

True Detective: Night Country bodes well for the future of the series, as it’s the most successful outing since season 1. While True Detective seasons 2 and 3 still boasted high production quality, neither outing was able to top the show’s first chapter. That showed in their reviews, as well as their viewership numbers, which declined over the course of the series’ run. Night Country marks the first time since season 1 that the numbers are seeing a boost. With any luck, HBO will learn what’s working and keep the upward momentum going.

Since True Detective is an anthology series, it could very well continue beyond Danvers and Navarro’s case in season 4. It wouldn’t even need the current showrunner or cast to return to make that happen. As long as the network takes what’s working for Night Country to heart, it can deliver another compelling season. Given the fourth seasons initial performance, it would be unwise not to — especially if its streaming wins continue for the remaining episodes.

True Detective Season 5 Must Avoid The Mistakes Of Previous Outings

Rachel McAdams, arms folded beside Colin Farrell in a scene from True Detective season 2.

Although True Detective: Night Country‘s streaming success bodes well for future seasons of the show, both HBO and future showrunners must learn from the mistakes of previous outings. While True Detective season 1 was highly praised and successful, its immediate follow-ups didn’t recapture the thrill of Rust and Marty’s first case. Season 2 struggled with inconsistent writing and directing, and even a promising and talented cast couldn’t save it from spinning a mediocre tale. Season 3 was significantly better than season 2, but it failed to keep viewers’ attention throughout, leading to disappointment.

Some of True Detective season 4’s success undoubtedly comes from its time away, which gave viewers the chance to miss the property. It also offered enough space to reduce the comparisons to season 1. Still, Night Country has other strengths that the last two seasons didn’t, including complex female leads and an atmospheric setting on par with the first outing. If the mystery elements line up well, it will surely become nearly as beloved as the season that started it all. And if True Detective: Night Country reaches that level, season 5 seems inevitable. It would be shocking if HBO didn’t capitalize on its success.


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