“True Detectives” drink: A comprehensive list of all the booze consumed on season 2

The second season of “True Detective” looks very different from season one. Rust Cohle’s philosophizing has been usurped by Colin Ferrell’s prominent mustache, while sprawling tracking shots of the Louisiana bayou have been replaced by sprawling tracking shots of California highways.

But one thing season two does share with the first season is a whole lot of boozing. In fact, aside from all that (true!) detective work, all anyone on this show seems to do is drink — and in the twisted world Nic Pizzolatto has envisioned for his protagonists (you know, “the world they deserve”) — we bet they’re going to need every ounce of liquid courage they can get.

Here’s a list of every time one of the central characters (or characters we think could become central) takes a drink. We’ll update it each week. Stay tuned — it’s sort of like a fun drinking game, only the characters get drunk, not you!

Episode 1, “The Western Book of the Dead”

Frank Semyon and his wife drink a glass of champagne at a fancy function. Meanwhile, the mayor double-fists champagne. [4]

At the same function, Frank has another glass of champagne. [1]

Ray Velcoro, preparing to beat up a reporter, swigs from a mickey of bourbon in his car. [1]

Powwowing with Ray Velcoro at a bar, Frank sips from a glass of blue label. In response, Ray takes down two full glasses of blue label. [2]

Ray then orders a beer, to shake things up. [1]

Ray has a third shot of blue label. [1]

Ani Bezzerides, having her own sad time at a different bar, finishes a beer, and orders another. [1]

Ani finishes a second beer as she exits the bar. [1]

Episode total = 12

Bonus drug round:

Paul Woodrugh pops a Viagra. [1]

Ray seemingly does two bumps of a mystery substance (or else he has a sniffly nose). [2]

Episode total = 3

Episode 2, “Night Finds You”

Mayor Austin finishes a glass of something from a metal glass, pours another a glass of clear liquid from a decanter in his office [2]

Ray’s partner swigs out of a thermos [1]

Mayor Austin drinks something — with ice! — out of his jazzy metal tumbler [1]

Ani drinks a glass of brown liquor while looking at webcam porn (for work!) [1]

Paul swills from a bottle of corona [1]

Ray drinks a Modelo at the bar (possibly his last drink ever!?!) [1]

Episode total = 7

Episode 3, “Maybe Tomorrow”

Ray decides to get sober and drinks WATER [0]

Ray takes after his father, who drinks a glass of Jameson [1]

An anxious and angry Frank drinks something expensive [1]

Paul catches a game with an army bud (?!?) and has a beer [1]

As Paul prepares to interview a couple sex workers we see him take a swig out of a flask (in two different shots) [1]

Ray and Ani are back at his place drinking…coffee? tea? [0]

Paul’s past catches up with him at the club [5]

A somber Frank arrives home and pours himself a drink of something expensive round 2 [1]

Episode Total: 10

Episode 4, “Down Will Come”

Right off the bat Frank goes for that expensive looking whiskey [3]

Frank and Ray are at their usual spot, but this time Frank’s the one going hard on the hard stuff [2]

A “soberish” Ray is reunited with his Modelo [2]

Episode Total: 7

Episode 5, “Other Lives”

A desperate and anxious Frank lectures Ray on his “blue balls” before pouring himself a glass of whiskey [1]

Frank and Jordan try patching things up and he starts and finishes a glass of gin [1]

Ray, cleanly shaven and still looking like he has everything together, drinks from his trusty Modelo [2]

Ani has dropped the electronic cigarettes and drinks something dark and strong [1]

Episode Total: 5

Episode 6, “Church in Ruins”

After keeping it together for a few episodes, Ray ends up drinking 3/4 of a bottle of whiskey [5]

In between glasses of the liquor and lines of coke, Ray also takes some swigs from a beer bottle [2]

Episode Total: 7

Episode 7, “Black Maps and Hotel Rooms”

Ray’s back to his old habits and hits a bottle of Jameson pretty hard [4]

Getting your fortune back isn’t easy, but Frank gets help with some mysterious liquid [1]

Things seem to be looking up for Frank, so he takes another drink [1]

Just as things were looking good, they’re looking bad again for a shot-taking Frank [2]

Episode Total: 8

Episode 8, “Omega Station”

Ani’s about to run for it, but not before taking a large shot of something clear [1]

Episode Total: 1

Total drinks this season so far = 60

That’s all for now, kids. See you next week, and — unlike our pal Mr. Semyon — don’t let yourself get too liquid!

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