Under The Bridge Episode 2 Ending Explained: What Josephine’s Response To THAT Reena News Means

The ending of Hulu’s Under the Bridge episode 2 raises questions like what Josephine’s true role is in the murder of Reena Virk. Under the Bridge is a phenomenal new addition to the genre of true crime dramatizations that explores a horrible crime committed under the Craigflower Bridge one night in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The series starts with a 14-year-old teen named Reena Virk spending time with her friends, who are obsessed with crime and gangs. After a prank gone wrong, Reena’s friend Josephine invites her to a party where a group of teenagers chases her and attacks her.

After Reena’s family reports her missing, Officer Cam Bentland begins investigating the teenager’s disappearance. With footage of the attack, Cam brings in the teens. Writer Rebecca Godfrey – the Under the Bridge character who narrates the story – becomes involved because she’s interviewing the teens at Seven Oaks youth home. As Cam investigates, Jo admits to Rebecca and her friend Dusty that she killed Reena, making Rebecca conflicted on whether to confide in her former friend, Cam. All this leads up to Under the Bridge’s episode 2 ending, which provides the first hints about the true murderer.

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Under The Bridge Episode 2’s Ending Hints Josephine Didn’t Kill Reena

Josephine’s Response To The Reena Virk Murder News Seems Strange

Throughout Under the Bridge episode 2, Josephine takes responsibility for Reena’s murder, going so far as to explain what happened in great detail to Rebecca. She promises that she’ll be honest if Rebecca agrees to take her to New York City and make her the star of her future book. However, Josephine’s reaction to the news about Reena’s dead body hints that she didn’t actually kill Reena. The teens at the party watch the police retrieve Reena’s body from the bank of the water. While everyone seems surprised, the most shocked individual is Josephine.

If Jo had really killed Reena, as she said to Dusty, Rebecca, and her classmates, she would’ve already known that the teen was dead. She probably would’ve seemed unphased by the news that the dead teenager’s body was found. Moreover, with Josephine’s personality, she probably would’ve boasted to everyone at the party that she told the truth about killing Reena after the attack. Instead, she turns to Kelly in utter disbelief that Reena is really gone. Based on this reaction, Jo probably left after the first attack, returning to Seven Oaks. She probably doesn’t know who killed Reena either.

What Cam’s Time Test From The Bridge To Seven Oaks Means For Josephine’s Innocence

Cam Proves That Josephine Couldn’t Have Killed Reena

In Under the Bridge episode 2, Josephine spends time bragging to anyone who will listen that she killed Reena. According to Jo, she lay in wait until Reena went to the top of the bridge, then she pushed Reena over the railing. Dusty passes this message along to Cam when getting interviewed. However, Cam’s time test at the end of Under the Bridge episode 2 evaluates whether Jo or Dusty could’ve killed Reena and still gotten back to Seven Oaks for curfew.

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Josephine got home the night of Reena’s death before midnight, but Reena is seen crossing the bridge at 11:47 at night. As such, she would only have 12 minutes to kill Reena, drive to Seven Oaks, and get inside before the doors lock. Cam parks by the bridge for her test. She waits until exactly 11:47, and then she drives with the sirens to Seven Oaks. Even when disregarding lights and speed limits, Cam couldn’t get back to Seven Oaks about five minutes after curfew.

Ultimately, the test proves that Josephine couldn’t have killed Reena in Under the Bridge. Instead, Jo was likely bragging and making up a story in order to get street cred. She wants to seem tough enough to kill someone, hinted at by the fact that she idolizes John Gotti. If she’d conspired to kill Reena, she’d have the same crimes to her name as the mobster. With this in mind, Cam will have to switch directions when investigating the crime in Under the Bridge episode 3.

Both the book and Hulu’s Under the Bridge change the names of most of the youths involved in the attack and murder of Reena Virk.

Why Did Reena’s Father Have A Criminal Record In Under The Bridge?

Under the Bridge Episodes 1 And 2 Don’t Explain Reena’s Dad’s Criminal Record

At the end of Under the Bridge episode 2, Manjit Virk receives a paper in the mail from the Crown stating that the justice department has expunged his criminal record. However, the letter and characters don’t explain exactly what happened for him to be charged with a crime. The answer to this question can be surmised from the true story of Under the Bridge.

According to Rebecca Godfrey’s book, Reena Virk found her Canadian-Indian Jehovah’s Witness home oppressive. When she became friends with the teen girls at the Seven Oaks youth home, she believed their living environment was better than hers. She mistook neglect for freedom. CBC explains that Reena Virk falsely reported her father, Manjit, for physically, sexually, and mentally abusing her to get out of her parents’ house. Reena’s parents told MSNBC that this false report was done at the behest of her friends.

According to the report by former chief investigator John Greschner, social workers removed Reena from her parents’ home without corroborating any of the stories with other sources or working with the Virk family (via CBC). Reena was then placed in foster care like she wanted. As shown in Under the Bridge, the charges against Manjit Virk were eventually dropped by the police due to lack of evidence.

While it didn’t appear in Under the Bridge episode 1 or 2, the Hulu original series will undoubtedly show the time when Reena is in the province’s care in later episodes. This time period provides important context as to the strained relationship between Reena and her parents as well as the foundation for her friendship with Josephine and Dusty.

Under The Bridge Episode 2’s Flashbacks May Have Revealed Who Really Killed Reena

One Character Takes A Special Interest In Bullying Reena Virk

Since Josephine clearly isn’t Reena’s killer in Under the Bridge, this raises questions about who actually killed the teenager. Under the Bridge episode 2 includes a number of flashbacks that might’ve hinted at Reena Virk’s real killer. After meeting Jo, Reena gets invited to a party with the kids from Seven Oaks. When she gets there, Kelly immediately starts badmouthing the newbie. Kelly calls Reena a b*tch for no reason and implies that she is too lame to hang out with them. When Josephine says that it’s fine, Kelly asserts that Reena can’t be in their gang.

Even when she begrudgingly interacts with her, Kelly speaks to Reena in a way that can only be described as condescending and disgusted. On its face, this wouldn’t be remarkable except that Kelly doesn’t know Reena. She has no reason to be horrible. Moreover, during Reena’s attack in Under the Bridge episode 1, Kelly seemingly took pride in psychologically taunting her prey. She bangs on the phone booth and then pushes her face up against the glass to scare Reena. Combining these two scenes. It seems that Kelly is the most likely teen to have murdered Reena Virk.

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