‘Under the Bridge’: Reena Virk’s dad Manjit Virk continues acts after wife Suman’s tragic death

‘Under the Bridge’ is an American crime drama television miniseries based on the book of the same name by Rebecca Godfrey.

Hulu’s latest crime drama series, ‘Under the Bridge’, starring Riley Keough, Lily Gladstone, Izzy G, Chloe Guidry, and Archie Panjabi in pivotal roles, recounts the tragic murder case of Reena Virk.

The first two episodes of ‘Under the Bridge’ premiered on Hulu on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, followed by Episode 3 on Wednesday, April 24.

The series follows the real-life murder case of Reena, a teen who was mercilessly assaulted and drowned by her bullies on November 14, 1997, in Canada.

Manjit and Suman Virk lost their daughter, Reena Virk, in a notorious murder

Manjit and Suman Virk's picture after their marriage (@findagrave)Manjit and Suman Virk’s picture after their marriage (@findagrave)
Reena was born on March 10, 1983, in Saanich, British Columbia, Canada. Reena’s father, Manjit Virk, immigrated from India, while her mother, Suman Virk, came from an Indo-Canadian family that had adopted the Jehovah’s Witness religion after moving to Canada.

According to The Canadian Encyclopedia, Reena faced challenges and struggles, like many adolescents, during her teenage years. In school, she reportedly faced relentless bullying due to her appearance, weight, race, ethnicity, and religion.

Reena’s relationship with her mother, Suman, was strained due to her mother’s strictness. Feeling stifled and seeking more freedom, Reena made the drastic decision in 1996 to falsely accuse her father of sexual molestation. Reena hoped to find freedom in a foster home, as reported by CBC.

Reena’s father was arrested on charges of sexual abuse, but the charges were later dismissed due to insufficient evidence. Subsequently, Reena returned home.

Reena Virk’s death shocked the nation

A childhood photograph of Reena Virk (YouTube/@TrueCrimeMysteries)A childhood photograph of Reena Virk (YouTube/@TrueCrimeMysteries)
On November 14, 1997, Reena was invited by a friend to a gathering at Craigflower Bridge on Vancouver Island, as reported by Vancouver Sun.

Nicole Cook, reportedly the target of rumors spread by Reena, initiated physical violence against her. In the course of the conflict, Nicole allegedly took a burning cigarette and pressed it against Reena’s forehead, causing her pain and injury.

A group of seven girls and one boy surrounded Reena, subjecting her to a relentless barrage of punches and kicks. She was left defenseless, unable to escape the onslaught of violence, as reported by The Canadian Encyclopedia.

Reena managed to walk away from the initial attack. However, she was followed by two of the original assailants, Kelly Ellard, 15, and Warren Glowatski, 16.

They subjected her to further violence, punching her again and smashing her head against a tree. Subsequently, she was dragged unconscious into the Gorge Waterway, where she tragically drowned.

After Suman and Manjit reported Reena missing, an extensive search ensued. On November 22, 1997, her partially clothed body was discovered near the shore at the Gorge Inlet.

The discovery of Reena’s body marked a tragic end to the search, sparking shock and grief in Canada.

Initially, authorities suspected that Reena’s death was due to drowning, as her body was found in the water. However, upon further examination during the autopsy, it became evident that the true cause of death was the severe injuries sustained during the assault.

The coroner’s autopsy showed significant injuries to Reena’s body, including multiple blows and bruising to her head and abdomen.

In February 1998, six girls involved in the initial attack on Reena were prosecuted in youth court. Three of them admitted to committing assault, while the other three were convicted of the same charge following a trial.


After a final investigation, Warren, the only male participant in the crime, and Kelly were convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

However, Warren was granted full parole in June 2010 due to his age, as he was 16 years old at the time of the crime.

Kelly was convicted of second-degree murder in adult court, where she was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of full parole for five years.

Where can Manjit and Suman Virk, Reena Virk’s parents, be found today?

After Reena Virk's tragic death, Manjit and Suman Virk faced immense grief (@findagrave)After Reena Virk’s tragic death, Manjit and Suman Virk faced immense grief (@findagrave)
In 2018, Suman tragically died at the age of 58 in an incident described by her family as a ‘tragic accident,’ according to a report by CBC.

Three days after choking while eating in a cafe, Suman suffered brain death due to her airways being blocked for several minutes, as reported by Vancouver Sun.

There is limited public information available about Manjit’s current whereabouts and activities. It appears that Manjit has maintained a low profile, with few updates or public appearances in recent years.

He transformed the grief from his daughter’s death into a long-lasting campaign against violence, dedicating years to raising awareness about its destructive effects and advocating for change.

As he grappled with the profound trauma of his daughter’s death, Manjit extensively chronicled his journey in his 2008 book, ‘Reena: A Father’s Story.’

In the book, Manjit described Reena’s upbringing as one where she often felt like she didn’t quite fit in and was a target of bullying during her teenage years.

Reena’s parents demonstrated remarkable courage by forgiving those responsible for their daughter’s death. Instead of seeking revenge, they channeled their grief into positive action, advocating against bullying and working to create change.

Even after his wife’s death, Manjit continued to work tirelessly to raise awareness about bullying.

How to stream ‘Under the Bridge?’

Chloe Guidry plays Nicole Cook in 'Under the Bridge' (@hulu) Chloe Guidry as Josephine Bell in a still from ‘Under the Bridge’ (@hulu)
‘Under the Bridge’ is currently available for streaming on Hulu.

To watch the series, you must have a subscription to the streaming service, which is divided into ad-supported and ad-free versions.

The package that includes advertising is available for just $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year. Additionally, the package without advertisements is $17.99 per month.

‘Under the Bridge’ trailer

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