Justin Bieber’s Fans Are Crying Over His New Look

Justin bieber - “i love you, but you look ugly” justin bieber's fans are crying over his new look

“I love you, but you look ugly”, “That look doesn’t suit you, you look very old”, these were some of the complaints made to Justin Bieber after showing off his new look.

Many of his fans showed great discontent when they saw the drastic physical change that a mustache and a longer, thicker and scruffier beard caused him.

It was through social networks that the ‘Let me love you’ singer shared a couple of selfies from several days, showing an appearance that users called “careless.”

“Like, why did he grow a beard?”, “He looks filthy.” “Oh, no, my baby Justin, what happened to you, now you look like an oldman,” can be read among the comments.

On the other hand, there were also the followers (and us) who didn’t think he looked bad at all, on the contrary, they consider that although it does make him look a little older, it is a look that makes him more attractive.

“Oh, and I said that I didn’t like them with beards. I take it back”, “But what happened here, he looks gorgeous”, “Men with beards have always been my weakness and even more so if it’s Justin Bieber baby”, some wrote.

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