What happened to Jodie Foster’s career after “Nell”? Why didn’t she ever become a huge Hollywood star like Tom Cruise or Julia Roberts?

What happened to her “career” after ‘Nell?’ Well, as far as I know – it continued on!

‘Nell’ came out in 1994.

As others have mentioned – Cruise & Roberts are matinee type people who choose audience-friendly roles which of course are successful (Though I would think since 1994, Jodie has had more success than Julia Roberts)

Jodie however, chooses ‘deeper’ and more ‘left-field’ roles which are not guaranteed to be smash hits at the box office.

Whatever, Jodie has made many successful films after ”Nell.” Among them:

1997 “Contact” It pulled in $171 million.

1999 “Anna and the King” $114 million.

2002 “Panic Room” $190 million.

2005 “Flightplan” $223 million.

2007 “The Brave One’ $70 million

2011 “Carnage” $35 million. Low-ish box-office but highly rated and critically up there.

2013 “Elysium” $286 million – great performance too in this one.

That’s well over a billion dollars in box office, for just THESE seven movies, and all SINCE “Nell,” you may care to note!

Nothing record breaking since then admittedly, but she scaled her Hollywood involvement right down to concentrate on other things. Having acted since she was two years old – she figured she’d done more than enough.

She’s done more than OK. You can’t expect a sixty-year-old actress to be headlining blockbuster movies!

She DOES however have a movie in post-production (“Nyad”), due for release this year.

Her greatest film “Silence of the Lambs” ($272 million which thirty-two years ago, was a staggering box office take – equivalent to well over half a BILLION dollars in 2023) and for which she won the ‘Best Actress’ Oscar in 1992, remains enough for ANY actor or actress in one lifetime.

Another point I would make – one I should have mentioned earlier, especially in light of your question “What HAPPENED to her?”……. Jodie found considerable success as a Director – both for television and main-stream film-making. Between 1985 and 2020 she directed several episodes of these TV series: “Tales from the Dark Side,” “Orange, is the New Black,” “Black Mirror,” “Tales From the Loop and the critically acclaimed “House of Cards.” She also sat in the Director’s chair for these full length features:

“Little Man Tate” (1991)*, “Home For the Holidays” (1997), “The Beaver” (2011)*, “Money Monster” (2006). * she starred in this film also!

Don’t worry about Jodie! She DID BECOME A HUGE HOLLYWOOD STAR on BOTH sides of the camera, You must have missed it!

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