Whenever Blue Bloods Ends, Tom Selleck Knows The Character He Wants To Return To Next

I’m still having trouble typing the words “when Blue Bloods ends,” but the sad fact is that it’s going to come down the pipeline sooner than I’d like. CBS confirmed there’s no chance Blue Bloods will get uncanceled in the same manner that S.W.A.T. was ultimately brought back. While Tom Selleck has been busy trying to save the show and there’s another round of episodes on the way, it does seem he’s looking toward the future, and what character he might revisit when the Reagan family drama ends.

In fact, during a recent interview Selleck did in support of his book, he was asked about what’s next. He’s still bullish about the possibility of the show getting uncanceled (which he also just mentioned in an interview where he expressed he hopes “CBS will come to their senses”). However, if it doesn’t Selleck would like to do another Jesse Stone movie. That’s right, mystery fans.

Tom Selleck Not Ready to Say Goodbye to BLUE BLOODS

If Blue Bloods doesn’t [get uncanceled], there is room for a Jesse Stone because I’ve written them, as you know. I love Jesse. And he’d be different. He’s older. It’s been a while since the last one. That’s a fun thing to deal with. Either way, I want to work. But we’re in the middle of Blue Bloods; I’m shooting right now.

Jesse Stone was a TV movie series that ran between 2005 and 2015, meaning it’s been nearly 10 years since we got to see a new adventure from the character. Selleck was credited as one of the writers on some of the original movies, and his interview with Parade makes it sound like he’s had another story in his back pocket for a while.

Hallmark and Lifetime have kind of taken over the lane of TV movies, but if you’ve never seen a Jesse Stone, they are a great example of solidly entertaining murder mysteries for an at-home audience. They are based on a series of books written by Robert B. Parker. If you are a mystery lover, they are delightful in the same way watching episodes of Poirot or, for a Hallmark movies reference, new outings with Aurora Teagarden are delightful. I personally would definitely be interested in seeing what Stone is up to as he approaches 80; I’m guessing he’s still quite the ladies man.

Myriad reports – and Tom Selleck himself – have mentioned the actor wants to keep working post Blue Bloods. He reportedly makes around $200,000 per episode filmed and he also reportedly pours that money into his avocado ranch, a ranch he would like to keep. That’s allegedly what keeps him motivated to continue working.

To Selleck’s point though, the reasons behind why the drama is ending are a bit confusing. At first, it seemed Blue Bloods’ budget cuts weren’t enough and that might be to blame, but more recent reports have indicated that it was more to do with clearing space on CBS’ schedule to make room for stuff like NCIS spinoffs and Kathy Bates’ Matlock revival. There could always be truth to both reports, but Selleck has also not been wrong when he’s touted how well Blue Bloods has done on Friday nights in the ratings, even as Season 14 hit the 2024 TV schedule. As one of the major TV cancelations in 2024, it was also one of the bigger surprises.

As for Jesse Stone? The flicks periodically still air on TV and you can stream them with an Amazon Prime subscription.

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